Leslie Schermerhorn, Retired Judge’s Daughter, Candidate for Regional Supterintendent of Education Post

Friday, April 13, the McHenry County Public Health and Human Services Committee will be interviewing the
Leslie A. Schermerhorn of Woodstock for the post of Regional Superintendent of Schools.

The candidate, who would be appointed by the County Board to fill slot that went unfilled after the 2010 election winner Joe Williams decided not to take the office, is Assistant Elementary Principal at Chicago’s LaSalle Elem Language Academy.

In her letter of application to McHenry County Board Chairman Ken Koehler, Schermerhorn wrote,

“I am uniquely qualified for this position given my 13+ years as an educator in a highly successful racially and economically diverse school.  Additionally, I being the expertise of having a degree in law.  From all the research I have done on the Regional Superintendent position, in additional to certifying teachers, truancy enforcement and school safety inspections, the Regional Superintendent assists McHenry County schools with school law.”

Schermerhorn the increasing diversity of McHenry County’s population in a communication to Koehler:

“We need to address the needs posed by this new population. ESL ]English as a Second Language] is not enough, nor very effective. We need to reach not only the students, but their families.”

She goes on to note that referendums are not being looked upon favorably by taxpayers and suggests she can assist in finding other sources of revenue, e.g.,

  • “doggedly searching for applicable grants and writing grant applications
  • “maintaining constant communication and a collaborative relationship with state and federal politicians to ensure monies allocated for McHenry County
  • “examination of the use of Title I in each school district to ensure they are specifically targeting the students who require interventions in order to meet the State benchmarks and to increase high school graduation rates and college enrollment.”

The State Board of Education issued a k-12 administrative certificate on August 7, 2007. She holds a 1999 Master of Eduction degree with grades just one A-minus away from a straight 4 point average, plus a 1985 Juris Doctor degree from DePaul University.

Former Judge Thomas Schermerhorn

To serve the final two years of the term, Schermerhorn would have to be nominated to be on the fall ballot by the McHenry County Republican Central Committee, and, then be elected. So far, there is no indication that Democrats will field a candidate.

While expecting to be hired on the “merits” of her” experience and qualifications,” Schermerhorn explains that her last name has some name identification.

Speaking to her electability, she points out that her father ran successfully for judge in 1996, that she has “many strong ties to the educational community in McHenry County and a name that will be recognizable to many.”

The salary for the Regional Superintendent is about $104,000, a source at the Courthouse believes, although the money comes from state, rather than county coffers.

Schermerhorn’s background follows:

Click to enlarge Leslie Schermerhorn's background.

According to the Family Taxpayers Network, she was paid $110,671 in 2011, has 14 years in the Teachers Retirement Fund.


Leslie Schermerhorn, Retired Judge’s Daughter, Candidate for Regional Supterintendent of Education Post — 9 Comments

  1. Isn’t the person to be appointed required by law to be a Republican since the last elected was a Republican?

    Doesn’t sound like a Republican, maybe an establishment RINO at best.

    Perhaps the Republican Party is dead after all.

  2. I’m curious Phil- what exactly in that post made you think this person isn’t Republican?

  3. OK. I read that post four times trying to hear the dog whistle saying she was a Rino or a Democrat.

  4. Joe, she is a Dem.

    just like her Mom.

    Mom is a teacher.

    Dad is a Republican.

    Get over it!

  5. Another useless government job. A waste of our money and her talent.

  6. Certainly looks well qualified.

    Making stereotypical assumptions that educators are democrats?

    How does one know if a candidate and her mother are democratic and father is a republican?

    A waste of taxpayers money?

    How much are we paying Lake County ROE to handle these duties while we’ve got no one at the helm?

    Who do you propose we ask to take on these duties?

    Complying with safety requirements in all county schools to keep our children safe and being certain that teachers are well qualified and certified? Working to apply for grant money to enhance our schools?

    We should all be so lucky to have the person represented in this resume to take ownership of these important duties.

    Good qualified administrators = Good teachers = Good schools = better futures for our kids = good property values = success.

    Who can argue with that?

  7. PZ —-Primary elections are not secret ballots.

    If people consistantly pull one or the other party, it says something.

    That is how both Dems and Rep get their info on voters.

    Also, anyone that knows them, knows this.

    It is not a big secret.

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