Dee Beaubien Running for State Rep against Dave McSweeney

David McSweeney

Dee Beaubien

Multiple sources have contacted McHenry County Blog with the news that State Rep. Mark Beaubien’s widow Dee is telling people she is running for State Representative against Republican winner Dave McSweeney.

“There’s no doubt that she’s running,” one source who wished to remain anonymous said.

Whether she will run as an independent or a Democrat or on a specially-created third party has not yet been ascertained.

What is known is that Terry Cosgrove’s pro-abortion Political Action Committee, Personal PAC (the one that engineered my defeat in the 2002 GOP primary) will be the force behind Dee Beaubien’s campaign.

McSweeney is strongly Pro-Life.

Ed Sullivan

The incoming Chairman of the House Republican Organization, State Rep. Ed Sullivan, wrote,

“I just wanted you to know on the record coming from the new Chairman of HRO that Tom Cross and HRO will be 100% with David McSweeney.”

Sullivan represents the eastern half of State Senator Dan Duffy’s district, while McSweeney is the Republican candidate in the western half.

Duffy has also drawn a female opponent backed by Personal PAC.

“I completely support David McSweeney, but I’m confused at Dee Beaubien’s entry into the race.

“If Dee Beaubien were interested in the race, why didn’t she run in the Republican primary, unless, of course, she’s not really a Republican as she as portrayed herself to be.”

The 52nd House District where Dave McSweeney won a three-way primary election.

The Beaubien campaign fund had $17,600 in it, as of the end of 2011.

During the last quarter of 2011, the fund made the following contributions:

  • McHenry County Chairman’s Circle (controlled by Mike Tryon) – $500.00
  • Committee to Elect Michelle Schurman, Mt. Carroll – $500
  • Friends of Kay Hatcher (endorsed by Personal PAC) – $250
  • Nunda Township Republican Central Committee – $250
  • Citizens for Bryan Winter – $200

Since her husband’s death last June the Political Action Committee or Dee personally has made the following contributions:

  • 11-7-11 Personal PAC – $600
  • 10-14-11 Citizens to Re-Elect Bob Miller – $600
  • 9-22-11 Personal PAC – $800
  • 8-29-11 Citizens for Kent Gaffney – $8,381.65
  • 8-24-11 Citizens for Kent Gaffney – $4,000
  • 8-1-11 Personal PAC – $8,000


Dee Beaubien Running for State Rep against Dave McSweeney — 19 Comments

  1. This would be great. Any thing will be better than McSweeney.

    I would absolutely LOVE to have a candidate that I could vote for in November.

  2. This is great.

    I’d love to see anyone but a Beaubien.

    God rest his soul, but he was so out of touch with all of his constituents.

    I’ll campaign for McSweeney to beat a pro-abortion pro-baby killing candidate any day.

    BRING IT ON, Dee.

  3. Mark Beaubien, Dee Beaubien, Pam Althoff, Dick Klemm, Mike Brown, Ann Hughes, are (or were) all DEMOCRATS.

    They all justs play(ed) Republican to get elected.

    Dee Beaubien, like her husband, is a liberal in her blood through and through; she always has been, and she always will be.

    The incompetent Republican Party in Illinois just has to come to learn that reality.

    Their lack of understanding of this obious truth is one of the reasons the Party is so ineffective.

    If this “news” that Dee Beaubien may run as a Democrat is surprising to leaders like Mike Tryon, they are MORONS.

  4. Don’t trust Tom “Double’ Cross.

    He doesn’t want independent, true conservatives like McSweeney down in Springpatch.

  5. The old McHenry County back room Republicans can’t seem to ferret out the counterfeit phonies theyve praised and fawned over all these years.

    How about the Lincoln Day award to Dee Beaubien, a typical publicity move that backfired on these self serving ex-politicians who’ve drained our wallets for years.

    Or are they really secretly supporting Dee Beaubien, because the big boys couldn’t defeat David McSweeney (who they can’t push around), proving they don’t have any clout to win elections any more?

    For this “circle” of the Party, it’s always been what”s good for them, never what’s good for us taxpayers.

  6. I still think that Beaubien is just testing the waters and cannot be serious.

    She is upset that her hand picked selection was defeated.

    This is a very Republican district and she is getting some bad advise.

  7. What in the world is Dee Beaubien thinking?

    So, if she gets in that means a state retirement for her plus benefits from Mark’s retirement?

    How uncaring and disrespectfully to the voters of Illinois.

  8. OK Truth seeker, on a page FULL of over-the-top goofiness YOURS takes the cake.

    Like any citizen, she can decide to run.

    You can decide to vote for her (or not).

    It’s not disrespectful to decide YOU would better serve your voters than the current candidate.

  9. The fact that the Republican Party awarded Dee Beaubien, a person who is rather naturally and not unexpectantly CONSIDERING a run as a Democrat, is a clear symptom of the political ineptness that is pervasive in the McHenry County Republican Party.

  10. If Dee voted for the candidate that she endorsed and donated money to (Kent Gaffney), then she can’t run as an Independent. Game over.

    Quinn just signed a new law stating a person can’t switch parties in the middle of an election cycle. Voting for Gaffney, pulling a GOP ballot, declared herself a Republican for the full cycle.

    If she did not vote for Gaffney (didn’t pull a GOP ballot), She’s got some splannin to do…

  11. **Quinn just signed a new law stating a person can’t switch parties in the middle of an election cycle. **

    Huh? Where in that law does it say anything about endorsing or voting for a candidate?

    Dee Beaubian didn’t run for office as a Republican. She is absolutely allowed to run as an independent (or even a Democrat) in November.

  12. Oops… looks like I’m wrong:

    A person (i) who filed a statement of candidacy for a
    partisan office as a qualified primary voter of an established
    political party or (ii) who voted the ballot of an established
    political party at a general primary election may not file a
    statement of candidacy as a candidate of a different
    established political party or as an independent candidate for
    a partisan office to be filled at the general election
    immediately following the general primary for which the person
    filed the statement or voted the ballot. A person may file a
    statement of candidacy for a partisan office as a qualified
    primary voter of an established political party regardless of
    any prior filing of candidacy for a partisan office or voting
    the ballot of an established political party at any prior

  13. But with that said, endorsing and donating money would not disqualify Dee Beaubien from running in November. Only if she voted in the primary.

  14. Sign me up to volunteer to help get signatures.

    Mark was the one Republican I always voted for.

    He was a community servant and a bi-partisan legislator who invariably did things to the benefit of ALL of his constituents.

    We need for THAT kind of tradition to continue!

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