Beaubien Campaign Disclosure Report Gives More Evidence of Desired Candidacy

Dee Beaubien

Sometimes one can learn from campaign disclosure forms.

The Political Action Committee created by former State Rep. Mark Beaubien is still active and filed its report Saturday night.

The committee started out with $17,600 on January 1st and ended up with $10,400.

There were four political entities that received contributions totaling $2090:

  • $500 – Tina Hill (McHenry County Board member endorsed by Personal PAC in 2010)
  • $500 – Donna Kurtz (McHenry County Board member endorsed by Personal PAC in 2010 and 2012)
  • $500 – Grant Township Republican Club
  • $340 – Grant Township Republican Club

Another $5,100 was spent, most going to Dick Stone, a former WIND reporter, who specializes in media management as well as candidate training.

He was paid

  • $1,750 on 3-22-12
  • $3,000 on 3-30-12

$,000 was also paid to Stone on October 3, 2011.  On November 16, 2011, Donna Kurtz reimbursed the Beaubien PAC $1,700 for media training.

An additional $350 was paid to Capitol Fax in January.

Nothing was donated to State Rep. Kent Gaffney’s election campaign.

As far back as 1999, Dick Stone has provided advice to Beaubien campaigns.

Others for whom he has offered advice include Suzi Bassi, Nancy Flouret, Perry Moy, Cesilie Price, Bonnie Wheaton, and Corinne Wood.

Ironically, the bill that may stop Dee Beaubien’s planned candidacy for State Rep. against Republican Dave McSweeney was signed by Governor Pat Quinn on March 30th, the same day as the third appointment with Dick Stone.


Beaubien Campaign Disclosure Report Gives More Evidence of Desired Candidacy — 15 Comments

  1. This latest development is another example of the two faces of the Republican Party, an ongoing dilemma – Is Kent Gaffney now looking back and asking, who do you trust?? Where WAS my (visible) support?

    There’s an ofd adage, but, perhaps, not right on target, something like “there’s no honor among thieves.”

  2. Unfortunately the GOPhers in the IL legislature who are not whores can be counted on one hand.

    During the primary Gaffney was voting like Barry Goldwater, but since he lost he’s back to ‘Beaubienism’: in lock-step with the so-called leadership voting against legislative tuition waiver reform.

  3. Happy Easter. Here are the facts about Gaffney’s votes.

    As he promised last July, Gaffney voted to abolish legislative scholarships (HB 3810).

    He cast this vote on March 21, the day after he lost the primary.

    Unlike many who ended up voting to abolish the program as part of the “band wagon”, Gaffney took a stand very early on in office last summer that he wasn’t going to participate in the scholarship program and wouldn’t support it.

    Accordingly, he voted to abolish it at the earliest opportunity he was given.

    He didn’t do anything different after the primary.

    I know in blog world fact checking is not a requirement and is unfortunately infrequent – but checking facts before typing and judging would be nice.

    Happy Easter again to all – fact checkers and name callers alike.

  4. So the $64 question of which ballot did Dee Beaubien cast on March 20th (or during early voting) remains.

    Am curious if the Lake County Clerk has the information available already or will have it available soon at the time the Official Canvass is published.

  5. I love it when know-it-alls get way out on a limb…

    The FACT is that on May 29, 2012 Gaffney voted “NO” on HB5531, as did all the GOPher leadership that claimed they opposed legislative scholarship waivers.

    This was nine days after the primary election loss by Gaffney, allowing him to revert back to what he was all along.

    Know what you are talking about, or don’t talk at all.

  6. “May 29, 2012” “Been there Done That”?

    Funny, but that date is 7-8 weeks away, right?

  7. Correction: March 29, 2012.. the roll call shows Mar 29, 2012,

  8. You are correct that on March 29 Gaffney voted no on HB 5531, which failed overwhelmingly (75 no votes, 26 yes votes, 7 present votes). However, contrary to what some might believe, HB 5531 is not the bill that abolishes legislative scholarships. HB 5531 deals with a completely different program from the legislative scholarship program. HB 5531 is specifically aimed at state university employees, and among other things, it allows certain state university employees to be eligible for a tuition waiver if they made below a certain amount, and doesn’t allow other state university employees to be eligible for that waiver if they made more than a certain amount. Word is that many voted against this bill because if the waiver was going away, it should have gone away for all employees (not just for some). Bottom line, HB 5531 is not the legislative scholarship demise bill – it is a separate bill, aimed at a totally separate program. To say that Gaffney didn’t oppose abolishing legislative scholarships is simply false – he clearly voted “no” on that bill (HB 3810), as he said he would.

  9. Facts beat me to it.

    HB5531 is about abolishing tuition waivers for state university employees. Gaffney voted no.

    HB3810 is about abolishing legislative scholarships. Gaffeney voted yes.

    If you are going to bash Rep. Gaffney, you might want to at least get your facts straight. Then again, you probably also voted for McSweeney, who also chose to blatantly lie and distort in order to beat Gaffney.

    But just so we’re clear, I too”love it when know-it-alls get way out on a limb.”. What was that you said? Don’t worry, I’ll remind you: “Know what you are talking about, or don’t talk at all.”

    We’ll be waiting for your apology and your acknowledgement that you have no grasp of the facts or have any idea what you are talking about.

  10. Typo on the 4/9/12 post – meant to type Gaffney clearly voted “yes” on the bill to abolish legislative scholarships (HB 3810), as he said he would.

  11. No apology — Gaffney is a hypocrite, waivers of any kind are plain wrong.

    This is the game the GOPher leadership plays all the time in Springpatch — saying they are for or against something, when they aren’t.

  12. **No apology — Gaffney is a hypocrite**

    LOL – In other words…

    “I completely lied, but I am not going to acknowledge it because I would rather bash Gaffney than deal with the truth.”

    Typical McSweeney supporter.

    Lets be very clear – Gaffney was out front saying that he opposed legislative scholarships. And he voted to abolish them.

    And instead of you acknowledging that, you attack him because he voted against abolishing something completely different.


    Simple question, BeenThereDoneThat – did Kent Gaffney vote to abolish the legislative scholarship program? Careful, its a trick question. Because if you answer honestly, you prove that you are blatantly lying. And if you lie about his vote, you just lie more. So please answer the question.

    This is just another reason why I sure hope Dee Beaubian beats McSweeney. McSweeney and his supporters refuse to deal in facts and truth.

    By the way… Rich Miller is reporting that Dee voted in the primary, taking a non-partisan ballot, allowing her to run in November. Great news.

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