Dee Beaubien Covers Bases in Primary by Voting Non-Partisan

David McSweeney

Dee Beaubien

A new law popped up on March 30th that prohibits anyone who has voted in a partisan primary election from running in the next general election.

Just a continuation of what Abner Mikva was told when he tried to volunteer at his local Democratic Party ward headquarters:

We don’t want nobody nobody sent.

One would have thought that Dee Beaubien, who worked the phones to get her husband’s budget man, Kent Gaffney, appointed to fill Mark’s spot, would have voted in the Republican primary election for him.

But she didn’t.

She took a non-partisan ballot and voted only the electric aggregation referendum in Barrington Hills.  The proof can be seen below:

Dee Beaubien's voting record shows that she voted only a non-partisan ballot (the electric aggregation referendum) when she voted in Barrington Hills last month.

So Dee Beaubien’s efforts to prepare for a candidacy against Dave McSweeney, Republican primary election victor, is

Game on!

Let the battle of the millionaires begin.


Dee Beaubien Covers Bases in Primary by Voting Non-Partisan — 8 Comments

  1. The Republican Party should give her another award then for voting as an official “Non-Partisan” !!

    She should be a featured speaker for the Golf outing this Summer for her loyal dedication to the party.

  2. Yeah, I was reading her story in the Daily Herald where she stated that she wanted to voters of the district to have a choice.

    Newsflash Mrs. Beaubien, the voters had a choice on March 20th and they voted against your handpicked man and your anti-life, anti-family values.

  3. So, Ms. Beaubien, who just turned 70 at the end of March, NOW wants the seat of her late husband.

    Strange that if she really wanted the seat, she would have easily won the appointment given IL’s strong tradition of widow’s preference party leaders genuinely respect.

    But now she has dishonored the memory of her husband with this purely political stunt of running a pro-abortion campaign against Republican nominee David McSweeney.

    May McSweeney win big in November!

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