Linda Moore Tries to Get Residents to Attend Town Meeting

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There was a new wrinkle in the effort to encourage people to attend the annual meeting of Grafton Township residents this year.

Actually, I’ve seen two new wrinkles.

The first was a yard sign placed in various places that people might see it.

It announced the meeting and gave a phone number to call for details.

The second was a township newsletter to registered voters.

As I look at it, it seems to be a newsletter from Grafton Township Supervisor Linda Moore.

You see the address and back sides below:

Click to enlarge this address side of the Grafton Township Newsletter.

Here’s the back of the newsletter:

Again, click to enlarge.

The First Electric Newspaper reported last week that a group called Citizens for a Better Grafton Township charged that the newsletter was “electioneering.”

No individual’s name is attached to the group.

I asked Moore about the charge and she said that she had run the newsletter’s contents by an attorney prior to publishing it and the attorney saw no problem with its contents.


Linda Moore Tries to Get Residents to Attend Town Meeting — 17 Comments

  1. And what attorney did she use, since the township does not have one at the moment?

    Will she be paying this attorney from her own pocket?

  2. Karl Ottosen, of Ottosen Britzlaw Firm has been advising me.

    He will be representing me in the lawsuit filed in december by Jack Freund, Highway Commissioner.

    We believe that as Supervisor I am entitled to legal representation just as the road commissioner is entitled to representation.

  3. Hey, jacksprat,

    Her phone number is published, so, why don’t you CALL and ask her?

  4. Because she is the queen of Grafton Township and doesn’t have to answer to anyone so lowly as a voter. If I ask questions like that, she will sue me!

  5. I think Cal’s comment about the yard signs is hilarious, since one has been planted in his yard for the past week and a half!

    Cal doesn’t even live in Grafton!

  6. At least Grafton is one Township that is trying to get people to be involved.

    Maybe that is the norm in McHenry Township.

    The electorate are engaged in township government, but here in Lake County, townships keep the lid on these Annual Town Meetings.

    The so called closest form of government to the people has become just the opposite….an untouched bastion.

  7. My telephone number is 847-630-6325.

    Government is best when the people are involved in its function.

    Township government is very unique in this way.

  8. The traffic count on Lake Avenue, the main drag through Lakewood, was about 6,500 vehicles a day ten years ago.

    All the cars that pass the yard sign next to the Gate 11 sign. except those on South Shore Drive behind our house go to Grafton Township.

  9. The use of public funds to distribute such a communication is, if not illegal, certainly unethical, underhanded, deceitful, biased…..

    ….and what if the opposing side had requested a special township meeting? I highly doubt they would have been treated with the same regard.

  10. I wouldn’t consider the yard signs to be a valid posting of the meetings as it does not include any of the required information, ie: date, time, location.

    This from the Citizens for a Better Grafton Township:

    “Dear Fellow Grafton Township Electors,

    The following letter was distributed by Grafton Township Supervisor, Linda Moore to households throughout the township. This letter is politically biased in nature and serves to support the agenda of the group of electors who requested the 2012 Special Annual Meeting to be held April 10.

    It is illegal to use public funds and government resources to create and distribute documents for political purposes. This could be considered electioneering and a violation of the Illinois Election Code.

    This letter is signed by none other than Linda Moore.

    Since a group of electors requested the special meeting, it is there responsibility to produce and distribute this correspondence using only private funds. Linda Moore should have separated herself from acting on behalf of those electors.

    Linda Moore should have little to no responsibility in this matter as the request for the special meeting should be filed with the township clerk as described under Illinois Statute, Article 30-10 (a): Notice of the time and place of holding the annual and any special township meetings shall be given to the township clerk (or, in the clerks absence, the supervisor, assessor, or collector) by posting written or printed notices in 3 of the most public places in the township at least 10 days before the meeting and, if there is an English language newspaper published in the township, by at least one publication in that newspaper before the meeting. The notice shall set forth the agenda for the meeting.”

  11. If you want to be informed about the issues you may want to visit:

    They provide you with information that, in my opinion, dispels all the mis-information that is distributed by Linda Moore and her associates.

  12. Linda, since you seem so interested in answering questions, maybe you would be so kind to answer this one.

    Why did you attempt to pay off the Road District loan in one lump sum of $700,000 on April 14, 2011, two days after the electors specifically voted NOT to do so?

  13. Putting an item on the list of bills to be paid does not equal signing a check.

  14. Nice SPIN on Linda’s mailing Cal.

    Linda JUST wants people to attend the township meeting.

    Cal, stick with reporting everyone’s tax payer reported salary.

    You can relate I’m sure.

    Birds of a feather.

  15. When local government entities become so comfortable that they act too quietly and also consider voters/residents an annoyance to be tolerated, it follows that those who were comfy will rant against anyone who upsets their little boat/kingdom.

    It is also not unusual for elected officials to forget that the business they are elected to take care of is the People’s business and not their own little private business. Erecting major buildings isn’t always the way to go and best spend taxpayer dollars – but for some it’s a great political trophy. It happens in townships and it happens in school districts. Taking away that trophy ticks off those who wanted it. They may also be ignoring the difference between want and need.

    With enough vocal people in the community on the side of the old rulers, the facts can be ignored by some in favor of using personal attacks on the boat rocker’s attire, hair, personal world, etc. (Human beings aren’t always nice.) They will fight that person every step of the way and he or she is expected to not respond. It takes courage to stand against that type of opposition.

    Somewhere along the line, the vocal folks who had their balloon popped, will go after anyone who spoke against their wishes. Somehow it looks like only the anti boat rockers seem to claim sole right to freedom of speech/opinion. Local business people aren’t exempt either from those questionable tongues and questionable ideas either. It starts to sound like bullies in the schoolyards sometimes.

    Sticking to what’s is most important:

    1. If property was purchased, sold, transferred, etc. without the legal authority to do so, the whole thing should be unwound.

    2. If the money is there it should be repaid instead of paying more in loan interest than the interest earned if the money is stashed away. Personally, I haven’t seen any great interest being paid to all of us lately.

    (Remember that township law is a bit different in what can and cannot be done.)

  16. anonymous (Aileen?) says:

    Sticking to what’s is most important:

    Since Linda was elected the books SHE keeps are a mess.

    Anti-this, anti that, North Korea, blah, blah, blah.


  17. jacksprat and Luvin:

    If you guys don’t like what Cal writes or how he writes a BLOG (not a newspaper), they don’t read the freaking thing. Geez.

    Start your own blog. Given who you’re allied with, I doubt you have any intellectual wherewithal to do so.

    Cal, pleased to hold your coat on this.

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