Rebecca Lee Re-elected Head of Algonquin Township Republicans

In a weighted vote of the 21 out of 30 elected Republican Precinct Committeemen in Algonquin Township, incumbent Chairman Rebecca Lee edged out Vice Chairman Tom McDermott 1,726-1,532 to hear the GOP in McHenry County’s largest township for the next two years.

With precincts often having 200 Republican voters, Lee literally won by a margin of one committeeman’s votes.

Vice Chairman now and for the next two years will be McDermott.

Elected Secretary was Demitri Tsilimigras, who served the last two years as organization Treasurer.

Newcomer Andy Gasser was elected Treasurer.

All races except that for chairman were by acclamation.

McHenry County Republican Party Chairman Mike Tryon swears in Algonquin Township Republican Central Committee officers, from left to right, Vice Chairman Tom McDermott, Chairman Rebecca Lee, Treasurer Andy Gasser and Secretary Demetri Tsilimigras.

In her speech before election, Lee said that she had been involved in politics “my entire life,” that she had “enjoyed my last two years” and “relish[ed] the opportunity to serve again.”

“I want to maintain this part of McHenry County as a Republican stronghold.”


Rebecca Lee Re-elected Head of Algonquin Township Republicans — 7 Comments

  1. Rebecca Lee may want to pick a different word than “stronghold” to describe McHenry County.

    That mythical Republican unity has long since disappeared.

    You have only to look at the recent March primary and the defectors; and probably more out there we don’t know about yet.

    When less than 20% of the registered voters control government , what can you expect?

  2. Rebecca Lee did nothing for us in the past 2 years .

    Why does she want to still be Chairman? same ole same ole.

    What did Tyron do for us?


  3. Lee is exactly what is wrong with the Republican party in this county.

    She comes from a long line of do nothing local politicians whose only contribution is propping up more powerful do nothings.

    She works for the King of manipulation and dirty politics.

    She’s on her way, just like the rest of the Good Old Boys.

  4. Can someone tell us what the “do nothing politicians” are paid to do nothing, starting with Algonquin Township Road Commissioner Bob Miller (Becca’s Dad) and his secretary, Anna May Miller (Becca’s mom), who also double dips as a County Board Member paid $20,000+? Then the voters can decide to do SOMETHING about the do NOTHINGS.

  5. why have charges not been made ,this family clearly used tax payers money for their own benefit ????? theft

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