Helmetless Marengo Motorcyclist Killed in Another Major Accident at Mt. Thabor Road and Route 176

Route 176 and Mt. Thabor Road. Halligus Road is the one south of Route 176.

A press release from the Crystal Lake Police Department:

“On April 12th, at approximately 3:00 pm, emergency crews from the Crystal Lake Fire Rescue and Crystal Lake Police Departments responded to the intersection of Illinois Route 176 and Mt. Thabor Road for a report of a traffic crash.

“Upon arrival crews located a Gold 2000 Chrysler Concorde and a Black 2007 Harley-Davidson Motorcycle that had collided in the roadway.

“The operator of the motorcycle, John C. Winkelman (54) of Marengo, IL was seriously injured, as he was ejected from the motorcycle upon impact.

“He was not wearing a helmet at the time of the crash.

“He was transported to Centegra Memorial Medical Center in Woodstock.

“The driver of the Chrysler, Kimberly Randall (27) of Woodstock, suffered minor injuries, and was transported to the hospital as well.

“Despite all life-saving measures attempted, John C. Winkelman succumbed to injuries he sustained as a result of this crash.

“An initial investigation into the crash revealed the Harley-Davidson had been traveling westbound on Rt. 176, and the Chrysler southbound Mt. Thabor Road.

“After stopping at the posted stop sign, the Chrysler then entered the intersection, intending to turn left (eastbound) onto Rt. 176, in the path of the approaching Harley-Davidson, when the vehicles collided.

“Traffic was diverted from the area for nearly three hours as the on-scene investigation was conducted.

“This matter remains under investigation by the Crystal Lake Police Department and the McHenry county Coroner’s Office.”

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The Daily Herald reports that Winkelman served as a Captain with the Huntley Fire Protection District and was known as “Winky.”

Here’s an another article about an accident at this dangerous intersection.


Helmetless Marengo Motorcyclist Killed in Another Major Accident at Mt. Thabor Road and Route 176 — 7 Comments

  1. It’s not the intersection that’s dangerous; it’s the drivers! Why would an automobile driver pull out in front of an oncoming motorcycle (or any other vehicle)?

    Will the police be able to determine just what the driver was doing before pulling out? Distracted by cell phone, radio, CD? Tired? Running late? Impatient?

    Yes, because of cross traffic, it’s sometimes hard to turn left onto a state highway or any other cross-street.

    Just yesterday a driver in car turned left in front of me from Queen Anne Road onto westbound Route 120.

    I was westbound on my motorcycle and had to slow sharply to avoid that car.

    Did the driver look to the east but not “see”?

  2. Why would any motorcyclist ride without a helmet?

    Illinois is one of only two states without a helmet law.

    ABATE has been very successful in defeating numerous attempts to pass this law and there are many organ transplant recipients who should thank them as a result.

    Not knowing all the circumstances of this accident it’s hard to say who was at fault, but wearing a helmet dramatically increases the chances of a motorcyclist surviving even high-velocity accidents.

  3. Other articles say the motorcyclist was signaling to turn right.

    Looks like he over-cooked the right turn and slammed into the car.

    If anyone should understand the importance of wearing a helmet it should be a fire chief as I’m sure he saw his fair share of accidents.


  4. Mike: You are wrong.

    He was heading home taking 176 from Crystal Lake to his hometown of Marengo.

    He was not turning.

    The driver of the car was clearly at fault for this.

    He’s a captain, not a Chief… but I get your point and agree with you on that.

    Just not the first part of your post.

  5. It is a persons choice to ride with or without a helmet.

    I personally would never get on a bike without one, you can ride as defensively as possible but you have no control over other people or animals.

    Besides, I hate the bugs that would hit me in the face.

    It is unfortunate that some people do not “see” motorcycles, it is without a doubt that the driver of the car was at fault.

    Even if the motorcyclist had his turn signal on (which I doubt), you should NEVER pull in front of a vehicle signaling to turn until it slows and actually starts turning.

    They may be turning someplace beyond you, or they may not know it’s on.

    A signal is a “warning”, it should make everyone cautious. It’s called defensive driving.

  6. I personally know the driver of the Chrysler Concorde and went back to the intersection where it happened just two days afterwards.

    Where the stop line is, looking left, all you could see was over grown trees and for less than a mile.

    The road is a 55 mph road way and he was wearing all black on a black motorcycle without any relectors or lights on.

    hey did a full investigation including cellphone records.

    She was not on her phone at all and nothing in her system.

    What makes this even more traumatic than it possibly could be for her is that her own father died of a motorcycle accident in 1998 because he too didn’t wear a helmet.

    The paternal side of her family are riders.

    She is extremely active in the community to wear helmets and has been telling the story about her father to groups for years.


    This story should prove it.

    Don’t judge her by just a few words written by news media…especially since most of them don’t completely match on how the events went.

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