Leslie Schermerhorn Gets McHenry County Board Committee Recommendation for Regional Superintendent of Schools

Leslie Schermerhorn

Among topics

Leslie Schermerhorn

Leslie Schermerhorn introduced herself to the Public Health and Human Services Committee this morning.

As McHenry County Blog readers learned exclusively nine days ago, Leslie Schermerhorn qualifies under the stringent educational and professional requirements set by law.

The previous person proposed for the position had the technical and party qualifications, but was found to have a criminal record.

After presenting her qualifications and goals for the office, Schermerhorn was asked by Public Health and Human Services Committee member Donna Kurtz if she had a criminal record.

Schermerhorn reported she had had such a background check last year and had passed.

The attorney added,

“I can assure you I’ve never been arrested,” then pausing, showed her sense of h humor by saying, “other than the three husbands I have buried in my backyard.”

Schermerhorn lives in Bull Valley.

The daughter of retired Republican Judge Thomas Schermerhorn, Leslie Schermerhorn has a recent record of voting Republican, which is also a legal requirement, since she will be replacing Joe Williams, who was elected on the Republican Party ticket in 2010.

Leslie Schermerhorn explained her switching from voting Democrat to Republican by pointing to a saying attributed to Winston Churchill, "If you're not a liberal at twenty you have no heart, if you're not a conservative at forty you have no brain.” Schermerhorn is now 52.

Among topics brought up by Schermerhorn were the growing diversity of the school age population, for which she pointed out her experience in her Chicago school had prepared her.

She also used the “consolidation” word, pointing to school districts with just one school. [Riley, Wonder Lake and Fox River Grove came to my mind.]

Schermerhorn’s candidacy was approved unanimously and will go before the McHenry County Board next Tuesday night.

She said she could start May 1st, but “I’m not leaving my school in the lurch,” she assured the committee members.


Leslie Schermerhorn Gets McHenry County Board Committee Recommendation for Regional Superintendent of Schools — 3 Comments

  1. She appears not only to be highly qualified, but, also, will bring some fresh ideas to the office. We’ll be looking forward to her confirmation

  2. I agree that she is more than qualified. I’m sure she is a wonderful person. Her dad is a great guy.

    My problem is why the position exists in the first place.

    Schools and the licensing and coordination should be a STATE function.

    The entire Regional Supt of Schools department is unnecessary. Quinn pulled a good one when he said it was unneeded and pulled funding.

    The tax spenders had to rally and keep this waste going.

    Of course there is an assistant Regional Superintendent and three of four office staff and on the COUNTY taxpayer’s dime, office supplies and copying and on and on.

    This is a make work position.

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