Madigan Calls for 3/5 Vote for Pension Hikes, But Not for Tax Hikes

House Speaker Mike Madigan proposes requiring a 3/5 vote to hike pension benefits.

Thursday in the Chicago Tribune, Illinois Democratic Party Chairman and House Speaker for life called for a constitutional amendment which would require a 3/5 vote to hike public employee pensions.

With the drum beat that National Taxpayers United of Illinois’ Jim Tobin started by publishing high public pensions, which has been picked up by newspapers around Illinois and business groups, I doubt anyone would predict such a constitutional amendment would not pass.

But, what difference would that change make?

It won’t lower the current pension burden one thin dime.

And, Madigan, being a good and loyal Democrat, did not suggest increasing the majority required to hike taxes.


Madigan Calls for 3/5 Vote for Pension Hikes, But Not for Tax Hikes — 2 Comments

  1. That’s all quinn, madigan and the rest of the democrats are good at,RAISING TAXES.

  2. Madigan is the person more responsible for the political corruption in this state than anyone else by a long shot.

    He is most guilty for the financial disaster our state is now under and he has the most political power and influence to either correct the problems or make them linger.

    He is chosing to let Illinois fall into a pit.

    EVERYONE in political circles knows this as fact, yet nothing is done because people are afraid of the consequences of dissing this evil man.

    Even leaders of social services whose benefits will be or are being cut as a result of his purposeful mismanagement won’t say a word to upset this tyrant.

    Madigan is the politcal face of Illinois, and it’s not pretty.

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