Veterans Stand Down in Crystal Lake April 30-May 1, Twelfth Since 2006

NASA Education’s Spring Stand Down is coming up at Crystal Lake’s Harvest Bible Chapel and Country Inn and Suites.

The following email explains what is happening.

Here’s some information on our up and coming stand down. The pics are John Blanchard and crew unloading the 2 53’ semi’s of clothing and gear.

NASA Education is “gearing up” for its Homeless Veterans Spring Stand Down and Conference.

[NASA Education has] kicked off the two week preparation for the April 30-May 1 event at Harvest Bible Chapel and Country Inn and Suites in Crystal Lake, IL from 9:00-5:00 on Monday and 8:00-11:00 on Tuesday.

Unloading the material for the Stand Down.

[Recently] we received over 60,000 pounds of gear and clothing for the event.

We are very pleased that we can still have the homeless veteran stand down even though the federal government has stopped funding them.

This up and coming event will mark our twelfth Stand Down and conference, we have been able to have the past 6 events without federal funding with the help of monetary donations, food, clothing and supplies from local community support and private donors.

Since we will be hosting nearly 500 at this event we are always looking for volunteers, assistance and participants, especially if you have not seen the event at our new location, Harvest Bible Chapel.

We are looking for individuals and companies to get on board with assisting some of the most deserving individuals that walk this planet. There are opportunities to volunteer, present in a workshop setting, as wells as display their offerings in the service providers showcase area.

We will be offering 15-30 minute presentation spots for service providers, so sign up early to solidify your spot. As potential employers, they will be able to meet with individuals that are seeking employment or as service providers; they will be able to let the attendees know what is available out there that they may be unaware existed. So whatever their participation, we would like individuals to consider coming out and becoming part of this beneficial and worthwhile event. It’s going to be amazing.

There is no cost to participate in this event, only their time.

How can you help?

The set up for the Spring Veterans’ Stand Down and Conference takes a lot of manpower prior to, during and after the event. We distribute clothing and gear that will help our homeless attendees make it through the elements of summer. Items such as coats, rain gear, waterproof shoes, socks under garments and clothing are a few of the items they will receive at the Conference. Toiletry items will be distributed, so that our attendees can take a warm shower during their stay.

We seek volunteers to assist in the loading, unloading, set-up, tear down, as well as during the 2 day event. Any amount of time individuals can provide is greatly appreciated. Our schedule still needs to be solidified as far as the weekend setup, but if they are willing to volunteer their time, then NASA Ed staff will get in touch with them with times and locations. During Monday and Tuesday we seek volunteers that will be available to help staff security, the registration area, parking lot, clothing distribution area, bingo callers, as well as runners that assist other volunteers and service provider’s needs.

We also seek volunteers to help provide baked goods, or other snack type items. The numbers of our overnight guests keep rising and they really enjoy having goodies to snack on in the evening. And of course if time is an issue, we will always welcome monetary donations to help defer some of the costs.

Volunteers make this event happen

Since our very first Stand Down in the fall of 2006, we’ve had very loyal and dedicated volunteers, some who have assisted in every stand down. We couldn’t do it without our loyal friends. This event is a huge undertaking and everyone who is willing to give their time, no matter whether its 5 minutes or 5 hours, is very much appreciated.

Thank you again for your continued support and dedication to such a great cause. If you know of any other individuals that may want to come out and give us a hand, please forward this information to them.

For more information please visit our website at or contact Amy Johnson at or 815-455-5085.

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