Message of the Day – A Cross

Today I share with you a fund raising project of the St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Joplin, Missouri, where my brother-in-law attends church.

The Knights of Columbus Council (14,096) are selling magnets with these photos.   Here’s the web site.

Since it is a storm weekend, the message seems appropriate.

"His Cross Can Weather Any Storm" is the

The cross is pretty much all that was left of St. Mary’s.

My sister took this photo of St. Mary's Catholic Church after the tornado swept through Joplin.

And, in case you haven’t read about the butterfly people seen by young children carrying people in the sky, you can read my sister’s account here.


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  1. The St. Mary’s Knights of Columbus 14096 appreciate your efforts to help us raise money by selling these magnets for St. Mary’s elementary school, which was by the church and also destroyed by the tornado.

    The school is in a “hopefully” temporary facility (former warehouse) near the other Catholic middle and high schools, which were not impacted by the tornado. On the positive side, the Bishop recently approved the purchase of 46 acres in northeast Joplin (about three miles from the previous church) for a new St Mary’s Church.

    The decision on where to build the elementary school is “TBD”.

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