Danielle Rowe Spends $19,700 on Her State Rep. Campaign, $15,600 in the Bank

Danielle Rowe

Tea Party-inspired State Rep. candidate Danielle Rowe spent $19,736 on her unsuccessful campaign to represent the 52nd House District.

Proving that she is a fiscal conservative, Rowe ended up with $15,600 in the bank.

On March 16th and 17th, she got

$10,000 from the Illinois Opportunity Project
$8,000 from the Fiscal Accountability PAC

I remember that even I figured out that I was going to lose to Roland Burris by September. The realization came when media pretty much refused to run anything but horse race stories. And, of course, because of superior name identification, he was way ahead.

Because Kent Gaffney’s campaign disclosure report is not yet filed, I can’t do a three-way comparison, but below you see how much winner David McSweeney and Rowe spend per vote:

  • McSweeney – $74.64
  • Rowe – $7.04

So, except for gas and motels, the money that came in during the later part of the campaign didn’t get spent.

I ended up with $12,000 and invested $3,000 in four mutual funds that did very well over the eighties.

My campaign for State Representative in 1992 was so much easier not having to overly worry about raising money.

I could just campaign.

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What McSweeney spent can be found here.

What Gaffney spent can be found here.

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