Walsh Reports Contributions, Notes Duckworth Got More from NYC than 8th District

A press release from Congressman Joe Walsh:

Walsh posts strong first quarter fundraising dollars

Duckworth only raises 3% of her money in the district

Yesterday Congressman Joe Walsh released his first quarter fundraising totals.

Due to the March 20th Primary, these numbers only reflect the month of March.

During that period, Walsh raised $266,213 and now has $607,150 cash on hand.

For the cycle Walsh has raised almost $1,250,000, a number that puts him near the top of all freshmen for that time period.

In contrast, Congressman Walsh’s opponent Tammy Duckworth only has $259,974 cash on hand remaining, while at the same time posting nearly $100,000 in debt.

In a troublesome sign for the campaign’s local support, Duckworth only raised $8,288 (or roughly 3.3%) of her personal contributions inside the new or old 8th district.

In fact, Ms. Duckworth reported more contributions from New York City than she did from the district she is hoping to represent.

In response to the filing Walsh stated,

Joe Walsh

“I am happy to see that the people of the 8th district  have once again shown their support by helping me post strong first quarter numbers.

“By supporting my campaign, it reaffirms that I am doing exactly what the voters sent me to Washington to do; cut taxes, cut spending, protect small business and end Obamacare.
“That is exactly what I have done, and it is exactly what I will continue to do.”
In reaction to Duckworth’s numbers, Walsh continued,
“It is not surprising that Tammy is seeing very little local support.
“You can’t expect to raise money locally if you never come out of hiding and meet with the voters.
“It makes perfect sense that Tammy raised the majority of her money out of state and only raised a fraction of her money in the actual district.
“It is unfortunate that Tammy can’t run in San Francisco or New York City, considering that her support is strongest in those areas.”


Walsh Reports Contributions, Notes Duckworth Got More from NYC than 8th District — 4 Comments

  1. Well, “Joe”, SHE COULD run in New york or Los Angeles. But unlike you, she chooses to run in the district she lives in.

  2. Hmm, I saw her in the district on election night, when she won by a 67% margin… maybe she wasn’t around yesterday because she was serving her country while on her Guard weekend?


    Walsh challenged Duckworth to debate him on a day when he knew she couldn’t debate (or legally even reply to his grandstanding) because she was on military service. Keepin’ it classy, Joe! And what percentage of YOUR fundraising came from the district? Which district? The one you live in, or the one you chose to campaign in to avoid running in a primary you knew you would lose?

    Looking at the FEC reports, Duckworth has actually raised slightly MORE than Walsh throughout the cycle so far, $1.28 million to Joe’s $1.25 million. Not a good sign when the challenger is raising more money than the incumbent in a system heavily stacked in favor of incumbency.

  3. Well, “Joe,” Walsh does live in his district.

    The one he originally serves in and still would be if not for the chicanery of IL democrats.

    You know, the same numbskulls that have destroyed this state with high taxes, out-of-control and wasteful spending, and deals that serve the public service employee unions at the expense of the taxpayers.

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