Dan Duffy Announces “Common Sense” Caucus

A press release from State Senator Dan Duffy:

Dan Duffy

Springfield, IL. – State Sen. Dan Duffy is among a group of lawmakers who are banding together to promote common sense government.

“We are coming together and uniting our efforts to promote a limited, fiscally-responsible and ethically-reformed state government,” said Duffy (Lake Barrington).

More information about the Common Sense Caucus.

The Common Sense Caucus (CSC) is dedicated to promoting a limited, fiscally responsible, ethically reformed state government.

CSC members must have the courage to:

  • Stop Spending – State government must stop spending beyond its means.
  • Stop Borrowing – The State Government must stop “Cooking the Books”.   Illinois borrows billions annually to continue the status quo and has the nerve to claim we have a “balanced budget”. We must actually balance the budget per our Illinois Constitution.
  • Repeal the Quinn/Madigan 67% Tax Increase – We must “open Illinois for business” and create a business friendly environment.

    In my Libertarian Party campaign for Governor in 2002, I planted this idea.

  • Reform Pensions – Modify government employee benefits to match private sector benefits.
  • Reform Ethics Laws – Implement substantial political ethic reforms which will help change the culture of corruption in Illinois.
  • Adopt Term Limits – Set term limits for all levels of state government, including legislative leaders.
  • Demand transparency and accountability – End the “behind closed doors” approach and mentality in Springfield.
  • Repair our reputation in the nation – Make Illinois a state we can all be proud to call “home”.

We will evaluate every single piece of legislation based on these principles. We will support all legislation that concurs with these main principles – and oppose legislation that does not.

The CSC will add an interesting dynamic to the final weeks of the 2012 legislative session and beyond.

No outside lobbyists, groups, or money will influence our votes.

We will consider future members for the CSC by reviewing their voting record.

We will have all members voting records regarding these issues available to be publicly viewed.

Every member will be held accountable for their votes.

The Common Sense Caucus will be co-chaired by Dan Duffy (R-26th District) and Senator Kyle McCarter (R-51st District).

Other members include

  • Sam McCann (R-49th District)
  • Darin LaHood (R-37th District)
  • Chris Lauzen (R-25th District)


Dan Duffy Announces “Common Sense” Caucus — 1 Comment

  1. Others would just call this the Right-Wing Tea Party Caucus.

    Or you could also call it the No Influence Caucus.

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