Loyola University Removes Crucifix from Ressurection Center after Transformation to a “Retreat and Ecology Campus”

The crucifix and alter that used to hand in the Chapel at Resurrection Center in Bull Valley. Neither are there now.

Resurrection Center in Bull Valley ran into trouble after state-backed borrowing to build an addition.

The Catholic order that owned it put it up for sale.

After several missteps, Loyola University purchased the property.

It was re-named the Loyola University Retreat and Ecology Campus.

This is the location that the Northern Illinois Emmaus community used to hold its Thursday evening through Sunday afternoon short courses in Christianity.

Based on the Catholic short course called Cursillo. the Walk to Emmaus is sponsored by the Methodist Church, but thoroughly ecumenical.

This weekend and next weekend the Emmaus community is again holding retreats out in Bull Valley.

But, there is a significant change in the chapel.

The crucifix is gone.

Replacing the crucified Christ hanging from the ceiling is a small cross at chest height affixed to the center back wall which would be appropriate for any Protestant church.

Not a crucifix.

Just a cross.

I’ll admit that some Protestants attending retreats at Resurrection Center had problems with worshiping in a chapel with a crucifix, but, considering the weekend’s theme is God’s love for us in sending his son to sacrifice himself for our sins, most overcame any original trepidation.

At Saturday night’s Emmaus service, this Methodist has to admit to missing the representation of Jesus on the cross.


Loyola University Removes Crucifix from Ressurection Center after Transformation to a “Retreat and Ecology Campus” — 14 Comments

  1. Such subleties as removing a crucifix reinforce the Obama administration’s efforts to make us a Godless nation whose inception offered religious freedom to those persecuted and denied in Europe.

    It’s shameless that Loyola won’t demonstrate the courage of the immigrants that took that first step and put the crucifix back on the wall.

  2. A team of comedy writers could not come up with more ridiculous material than this story and that comment posted above.

    Bravo guys for letting your paranoia and persecution complex take you to absurd new heights.

  3. “Anonymous,” first you blame Obama? Then in the next breath you blame Loyola?

    About “Godless.”

    Last night I had the opportunity to witness a college frat prom type event.

    I was shocked to see the young ladies, how they dressed and the language they openly and very loudly utilize.

    They wear these Extremely tight tiny, tiny dresses that they have to keep tugging at to keep from exposing themselves.

    The young men just stand around like little boys looking for their mommies.

    Congrats to the Godless women out there.

    You have finally come full circle.

    You abort at will, and you have used up the legal system to make sure men are looked upon as the bad guys who dare to try to discipline YOUR precious children and to form bonds with the kids to show their daughters how to demand respect from society, from each other and from young men.

    I just love these new cop shows where all the female characters are the ‘macho’ role players, (anybody been catching that) then this new commercial out showing all men at home with the babies sitting in high chairs feeding them….

    Slowing but surely, brain washing young men and women into a Godless ‘Role Reversal’ that will only serve to destroy the natural course of human evolution.

    I just thank God I soon will be dead. (Then I guess my family can deal with the female funeral directors. How appropriate an ending to the madness!)

    In closing, Yes “Anonymous,” I agree with you in part.

    And lady Pols, stop with the butch haircuts and no makeup.

    This country became great on the backs of men at work and moms raising children at home to become great adults.

    I believed that then and I believe it still today.

    This Extreme “Godless” intermixing of Gods intended role map, shall serve as the end of our nation. And it started around the time “Obama” was born.

    Fruit of your feministic labor ladies!

  4. II hear that Obama was behind all the tornados that tore through the midwest last month.

    I also heard he was planning a couple of hurricanes this fall…

  5. For the above posters:

    Go back to celebrating YOUR “earth day”, you pagans!

  6. Let us first look at the facts.

    Loyola is a Jesuit college- yes- a CATHOLIC university that is committed to supporting the faith.

    Second- NONE of you have anything to do with the center or the university and have ABSOLUTELY no idea why the crucifix has been removed.

    Third- the bible teaches acceptance and benevolence. Nothing in the above judgmental posts in is alignment with the teaching you profess to follow.

    Respect- that is what is missing in our country- for the office of President, for the Freedom to worship.

    This is a PRIVATE business- you know the kind you are always spewing should be free to operate the way the want.

    Politician not-all I can say is you need to change your circle of friends.

  7. Inish, where in my statement did I say they were my friends…?

    “About “Godless.” Last night I had the opportunity to witness a college frat prom type event. I was shocked to see the young ladies, how they dressed and the language they openly and very loudly utilize.”

    I happened upon the event while leaving a restaurant.

    PS. Go to Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton in Cl, do you see a “Corpus” on the cross at this now long standing Catholic Church? Don’t believe there ever was one since the day it opened.

    Some choose to focus on the death of Christ, some choose to focus on the “He has Risen” teachings. So what?

    To the point which nobody who has seeing eyeballs can deny. That being, the “Jersey Shore” ‘Snooky’ mentality is now accepted as the litmus test for femininity…

    Glad I’m soon to be dead.

  8. Pol – the cross at Seton now has the Corpus. The old cross is now in the addition they built.

  9. Shows I better go back to church on my own before I go in feet first!

    Thanks FYI.

  10. Pol, I think my 97computer year old grndmother might take issue with your barefoot and pregnant concept, since she was the sole bread winner for her extended family during the Great Depression.

    There is one part of your posts that I agree with, and I thank God, too!

  11. The Crucifix was taken down for restoration and sealing.

    It is being moved to an outside location that will be lit-up at night.

    Sounds like the center is looking to make this piece of art and history much more visible – not the steps one would take if they were trying to hide their Catholic faith.

    This is just part of the extensive renovations occurring in the Chapel.

    There appears to be no move to “secularize” the Chapel, keep in mind almost every meeting room and sleeping room at the Center has a Crucifix on the wall.

  12. As a high school student I attended retreats at Resurrection Canter.

    As a young adult, I was married in the chapel.

    Over the many years since I have visited the property repeatedly.

    It is a “Godly” place in all the natural beauty.

    I am greatful Loyola has chosen to be the stewards of this sanctuary and to open it up to people of many faiths.

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