Nygren Special Prosecutor Headlines

Just for fun I looked at the headlines of publications that wrote stories on Judge Thomas Meyer’s denial of Deputy Sheriff Zane Seipler’s request for a Special Prosecutor to investigation criminal allegations against McHenry County Sheriff Keith Nygren.

On the day of the decision this was the Northwest Herald‘s:

Request to appoint prosecutor against Nygren denied.

In another story, the online headline on the NWH was

Magistrate says prosecuting sheriff is Bianchi's call

The NWH’s Kevin Lyons wrote a column entitled,

Lyons -Production halted on special prosecutor factory

The Daily Herald‘s:

Judge kicks McHenry County Sheriff Nygren probe to Bianchi.

A revision of the DH story resulted in the following headline:

Judge kicks Nygren probe to Bianchi, who cites conflict. Judge refuses ot apponit special prosecutor to investigate charges

From the Chicago Tribune:

Judge will not appoint special prosecutor to investigate McHenry sheriff.

And, McHenry County Blog‘s:

Sheriff Keith Nygren Off Special Prosecutor Hook, State's Attorney Lou Bianchi Given Permission to Fish.

Woodstock Advocate wrote:

Judge rules, cannot appoint Sp. Prosecutor

The First Electric Newspaper had this headline:

Judge Denies Sheriff's Special Prosecutor


Nygren Special Prosecutor Headlines — 1 Comment

  1. This Sheriff oooozes corruption, contempt, ego and arrogance.

    I don’t live in his town, but have been following the story because our Sheriff Mike Winters in Medford Oregon ooozes the same slime.

    What is it with these guys ? They fire / terminate/ ruin professional lives of good Deputies who do good jobs, then don’t ” get it” when the public is disgusted with their ” Sheriff office” decisions.

    Mike Winters and this Sheriff are both using the badge, in their own interests, while killing-cops-careers.

    I hope both Sheriff’s are out of office soon !

    That the Deputies who they kick to the curb, come back at em with gusto.

    Too bad the good go by the wayside while bbbbad Sheriff stays in power. Boo.

    The news writer (and headlines) no better.

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