Operation Click: And the Winners in McHenry County Are…

The McHenry County high schools participating in Operation Click held their awards luncheon today at D’Andrea’s in Crystal Lake.

Every school was above the 95% seat belt compliance level so had two contract holders eligible for a key that might start one of the two cars being given away.

As Emily Strauss, the first contestant from Marian Central High School, enters the car to try her key, the eventual winner, with key number 2, Alysa Luczak, clasps her hands in antidicpation.

I got a better shot of the winner as she got out of her new car.

A lot of reflection from the windshield kept this photo from being top rate, but Operation Click winner Alysa Luczak from Woodstock's Marian Central High School shows real surprise.

Without the windshield in the way you can get a better look at what one of the grand prize winners looks like.

Alysa Luczak appears to be one happy young lady.

Marian Central High School Junior Alysa Luczak won the car.

Next it was turn of students from the four high schools from Crystal Lake District 155.

Crystal Lake Central High School Junior Mikoyla Tuszynsk turns her key.

Again the winner was a 17-year old junior.

A combination of elation and surprise seems to come from Operation Click car winner Mikoyla Tuszynsk.

Named Mikoyla Tuszynski, she attends Crystal Lake Central High School.


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