Operation Click Car Give-Aways Thursday

The Crystal Lake landmark marque of Around the Clock Restaurant & Baker promotes Operation Click Week.

The high school safety program that started in Crystal Lake, Operation Click, will hold its annual local luncheon today at 11 at D’Andrea Banquet Hall.

Around the Clock, a restaurant west on Route 14 has been advertising the event.

Two high school students will win cars donated by Black Diamond Plumbing and Crystal Lake Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram.


Operation Click Car Give-Aways Thursday — 4 Comments

  1. When the seat belt law was originally passed, the Government promised that it would NEVER be primarily enforced, and for years they kept that promise.

    The bill would NEVER have passed without this stipulation and it may have been part of the original bill itself.

    Look how far we’ve gone.

    Now we celebrate it’s primary enforcement and fellt that the police are doing a good thing by primarily enforcing it.

    We give it a cute name like “Operation Click Week” and then promote it!

    We are losing our liberty folks, and this is a prime example.

    Though clearly with obvious good, this law has morphed into local Government control and revenue creation.

    Even laws with “good intentions” that take away our liberty, ultimately get abused by Government for its benefit.

    Government can’t control itself.

    Our founding fathers understood this and tried to limit its power.

    We are voluntarily giving it up, and this is a prime, yet simple, example.

    Ben Franklin said: “Those who give up their liberty for more security neither deserve liberty nor security.”

  2. Yep, those founding fathers wanted to make sure we didn’t try to make kids wear their seat belts!

  3. Joe, what the founding fathers wanted was for each of us to make that decision ourselves.

    Today, we say the Government is doing it “for the children” to justify taking another liberty.

    Though the seat belt law is one that really doesn’t infringe on a serious right, it is philosophically wrong.

    Once you start rationalizing the removal of liberty, it becomes easier to start mandating on that conditioned population such things as Obamacare.

  4. 1) Operation Click has NOTHING to do with the government.

    2) The program is all-voluntary. Kids can opt in or out. It has nothing to do with any laws mandating seat belt use.

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