Good News Reports Most Endorsed Candidates for Methodist “Supreme Court,” University Senate Win

The stated theme for the Methodists' convention in Tampa.

Four years ago conservatives got caught napping at the every-four-year General Conference of the United Methodist Church.

There was insufficient communication with the new influx of African delegates. (Delegates are selected on more or less of a one member, one vote basis and Africa’s representatives were new to the process.)

The liberals won the election.

This year when elections for what is called the Judicial Council took place in Tampa, it appears that conservatives won.

At least that is what I read from the email I just received from Good News, one of the five conservative groups that I have identified working to stop to slide of the Methodist Church in the direction that the American Episcopal Church has taken.

Unlike the Episcopal Church, Methodists are organized on a worldwide basis.

If Methodists were organized on a national basis, as Episcopalian are in the United States, Methodist policy on homosexuality, abortion and other social issues would mirror that of the Anglican Church.

Liberal Methodists outnumber conservatives in the United States, but liberal churches in the denomination are generally in decline while conservatives are growing. The balance of power is shifting because of the massive number of Christian conversions being made by the burgeoning African Methodist Church.

At least 30% of the members in the church that John Wesley founded in England are now Africans.

Below is the Good News email:

Monday Morning Elections

Election of Judicial Council nominees was just completed. The clergy candidates with the highest vote tally were the Rev. Dr. Kabamba Kiboko and Rev. Dennis Blackwell. The lay candidates with highest vote tally were Oswald Tweh and Beth Capen.

The Renewal and Reform Coalition is very happy to announce that Rev. Kiboko and Rev. Blackwell, as well as Oswald Tweh were candidates listed on our recommendation slate.

The election for University Senate nominees was also just completed. In the category of University CEO’s, Dr. Jan Love and Dr. Thimbang Owan Kasap received the highest number of votes. In the category of Other Relevant Positions, Dr. William Abraham and Bill Arnold received the highest number of votes.

The Renewal and Reform Coalition is pleased to announce that Dr. Thimbang Owan Kasap, Dr. William Abraham, and Dr. Bill Arnold were candidates listed on our recommendation slate.

The Renewal and Reform Coalition congratulates all of the candidates and will be praying that their terms are fruitful, faithful, and productive.

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