One Percenter J.B. Pritzker Gives to One Percenter Jack Franks

Jack Franks

State Rep. Jack Franks isn’t a billionaire like J.B. Pritzker, but his family wealth certainly qualifies him for the top one percent.

Jack Franks is a Democrat.

The Daily Herald has a story about campaign contributions from billionaires and up popped Jack Franks’ name.


Of course, readers of McHenry County Blog could have read that here.

Or here.

Or here.


One Percenter J.B. Pritzker Gives to One Percenter Jack Franks — 8 Comments

  1. It’s not against the law to get campaign donations.

    Look at the local GOP people that get funds from UNIONS that are supposedly leftist.

    Jack has been more conservative than many of the elected GOP regulars.

    If you remember the COUNTY REGULARS appointed MIke ( hic) Brown to the Representive position.

    He was a known flip flopper that voted the way he was told by Al Jordan.

    Being a lacky gave Jack a huge opportunity to win, and win he did.

    The GOP tried to get Jack to switch affiliations and line up in the GOP column but he refused.

    I back Jack and always have.

    Yes there are things he does that I don’t agree with, but he has a stronger voice for McHenry Co in Springfield that Tryon and Althoff combined.

    He brings more back to McHenry CO than any other Senator of Representaitive has before.

    Here’s an idea Cal. Why not get your petitions circulating and throw your hat back into the political arena. Clean up Grafton Township or end townships altogether. That would be a huge start. Who knows, maybe back to Springfield again.

  2. Ned,

    You made me spit my water all over my laptop.

    I am tired of people saying Jack Franks is conservative – he is not.

    He caucuses with the democrats in Springfield.

    Moreover, his sponsored legislation is ANYTHING but conservative.

    That fact that you talk about bringing back more bacon (money) to McHenry is a great clue to just how conservative you truly are.

    I am sorry you back Mr. Franks, he is in no way conservative and needs to go.

    Any Republican would be better than Franks.

    Andrew Gasser

  3. I agree with Andrew…Franks needs to go.

    He has over stayed his welcome.

    Doesn’t return calls, still waiting for “Chainsaw Jack to call and explain why he wants ComEd to chop down my trees around the electric poles in front of my house.

    We need to thank Franks for the toilet bowl cleaner law.

    Slowing down check out lines at hardware stores, because they need to “document” your purchase. Worse than buying beer.

    How stupid Jack !!

    Can’t wait to vote in a Republican.

  4. “Ned”, you are either Jack Franks or you are delusional.

    If you really believe the stuff you’re actually saying, you need a reality check.

    “I back Jack and always have” you say….. so, “Ned”, tell us,….what SPECIFIC issues are you congruent with Democrat Jack Franks?

    His pro-abortion stand?

    His votes for Mike Madigan for speaker?

    His vote to district of the state of Illinois giving enormous advantage to the Democratic Party while screwing the Illinois voter?

    His de facto support of the state “formula” supporting the oppressive property taxes on Illinois house owners?

    Gay rights?

    Support of Chicago?

    Union support?

    Trial Lawyer support?

    etc. etc. etc.?

    Which SPECIFIC issue “Ned” have you ALWAYS supported “Jack”?

  5. Jack Franks has introduced and passed many bills that you are good for the citizens of Illinois.

    He is a great leader and a great family man.

  6. Jack Franks needs to go because we’ve had one party rule in Springfield for decades. A vote for any Democratic state representative ensures that Maddigan continues to run the state. It’s time to clean house and clean up Illinois. Voting for another Democrat, and Franks IS a Democrat, will only ensure that the usual suspects maintain the status quo. Are you happy with the way things are in this state? If not, then it’s time to vote the incumbents out and vote the Democratic party out of power. Also, on a side note, Franks is not a conservative. If you take the time to look at his voting record, it is clear that he fits quite comfortably in the Democratic party and shares their beliefs. The fact that he tries to pretend that he is a conservative is just a marketing angle he uses to appeal to a largely right-leaning district.

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