Randall and Algonquin Road Intersection 18th Most Dangerous in Chicagoland — 8 Comments

  1. I’m sure this has nothing to do with the intersection’s red light cameras and 3-second yellow light that cause drivers to spike their brakes as soon as the light switches from green.

  2. John, I was going to post that very comment but you beat me to it.

    I try to avoid that intersection at all costs because I am afraid of getting a red-light ticket.

    There seems to be no rhyme or reason to the light cycles, especially the turn arrows.

    People are paying more attention to the camera(s) than to the traffic and it’s my firm belief that the cameras have made that intersection less, not more, safe.

    But I question wheter “safety” is the real reason for installing any red light camera.

    I wonder if the ticket revenue brings in more money than the increased police/fire response is costing the village?

  3. Don – it is called “revenue”. Safety be hanged, they want the money!

  4. Just last week I was checking out the outrageous salaries of a few Village of Algonquin employees at

    After seeing the facts, it makes perfect sense that the village board prioritizes revenue over safety.

    Algonquin needs to get it’s house in order!

  5. **I try to avoid that intersection at all costs because I am afraid of getting a red-light ticket. **

    Or you could just try to avoid running red lights.

  6. I just want to know where all the revenue from these cameras go to. who has the say to where these revenues go to and how much money goes to the upkeep of the cameras

  7. When I retired moving out of Algonquin was my number one priority. The quaint village I moved to in 1993 became a traffic nightmare. Randall Road is a zoo on its best day. Las Cruces New Mexico serves all of my needs. My property taxes were reduced by $8000/yr , light traffic, magnificent scenery and weather. Living in Algonquin became an unwinable uphill battle.


  8. William? Could you possibly talk all of your ex-neighbors into moving, also? There was no problem with Randall Road at all until all those people moved in and ruined it for those of us that were living in a sleepy rural community.

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