School Payments to Vendors Online at For the Good of Illinois

South Elementary School is Crystal Lake Grade School District 47.

A tool for those who want to know where their tax dollars are going went up today on the Adam Andrzejewski’s web site, For the Good of Illinois.

Pick your school district (after signing) in.

Take a look at where the money goes from biggest to smallest vendor. You can put up to fifty vendors on a page.

I decided to look at Crystal Lake Grade School District 47.

I noticed

  • $7.9 million for insurance
  • $7.3 million to IRS
  • $4.4 million to the Teachers Retirement Fund
  • $1.3 million to the Illinois Department of Revenue
  • $1.3 million to the Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund
  • $826,000 to Ameren Energy Resources
  • $622,000 to Teachers Health Insurance
  • $264,000 to CLETA (Crystal Lake Elementary Teachers Assoc.)
  • $179,000 to Woodstock Comm School Dist 200

Those above are just some of the first 50 listed in descending order.

Farther down I found these:
$3,069.74 to the McHenry County Treasurer

  • $3,016.00 to the Crystal Lake Country Club
  • $2,520.00 to the Il Alliance Of Administrators Of Sp[ecial Education]
  • $2,240 to Ohio State University
  • $1,958 to former District 300 Board member Mary Warren (who teaches in District 47 now)
  • $1,250 to William Blair & Company Llc
  • $1,213.20 to American Mobile Shredding
  • $1,059.96 to the Rockford Board of Education

Take a look at how one of your school districts does with your tax dollars.


School Payments to Vendors Online at For the Good of Illinois — 3 Comments

  1. Cal, I’m curious where the teacher’s salaries fall in this list.

  2. Leaving all the other question like a seemingly absurd $7.9 million for insurance, it must be nice to know that districts are withholding payments from teachers to pay to their unions.

    Jason, the teachers are paid individually, and you can see their individual data (2011) on the same site. Simply pick teachers, and find your district.

    Folks, as you look at these numbers, you begin to realize that education is NOT about the child, but about funneling money into the maw of captive service providers, unnecessary administrators, and bond dealers.

    All we can do is show you the numbers. If you don’t demand change from the legislators, they will simply allow the school code to turn into the the legalized money laundering scheme that it has become.

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