Communist Party Marchers in Chicago on May Day

I could hardly believe the Community Party signs and flags that Marathon Pundit John Ruberry found in Chicago on May Day Occupy Chicago march.

The headline of his story might tempt you to take a look, too:

Occupy Chicago May Day march pics you won’t see in the establishment media

Take a look at the one below that has Stalin’s face on it.

Marching in Chicago's May Day demonstration were these Communist flag carriers. Photo credit: Marathon Pundit.

Now, reflect on what kind of a person would admire the mass murderer Joseph Stalin.


Communist Party Marchers in Chicago on May Day — 20 Comments

  1. They destroyed my commute yesterday, the jerks.

    Well, them and the guy who drove his car onto the Metra tracks in Park Ridge.

  2. Last March I went up to Madison. I parked 6 or 7 blocks away from the capitol.

    The first car that drove by after I parked had a Soviet flag hanging off it.

    Makes me wonder what’s really going on with these movements…

  3. Wonder no more, Allen.

    It’s all about communism.

    They are all over the White House.

  4. Yep Allen.

    I felt the same way when i saw a Confederate flag at a Tea party rally.

  5. We as activists need to attend these rallies and then post our pictures on the “official news media” websites.

    We also need to start confronting the news media on why they can’t cover events.

    This is just shameful.

    If America saw stuff like this we win hands down.

    We need to start confronting them – and youtube the results.

    We can change things.

    Andrew Gasser

  6. Americans: Kill 3,000,000 People in North Vietnam alone, accuse others of being murders.


  7. Well John, if it’s a number game you’re after, Stalin purportedly killed anywhere between 12-20 million of his own people…

    In a battle of relativism, number do count….

  8. On an unrelated note, the reason you won’t see these pics in the “establishment media”(I’m going to give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you actually searched), is because the media largely consists of huge private corporations.

    Obviously Communist revolution is not in their interest.

  9. Ok I think I get what the problem was with my longer post. It contained a link so maybe your automatic spam filter kept it out. So I’m posting it without the full link but you should be able to Google it. But as it says in the post, it’s only useful for people who speak Russian.

    “Well John, if it’s a number game you’re after, Stalin purportedly killed anywhere between 12-20 million of his own people…

    In a battle of relativism, number do count….”

    First, incorrect, and doesn’t take into account the historical context of revolutionary Russia. These numbers don’t jive with what we know about demographics of the Soviet Union, plus the detailed information we have from the archives on the subject of executions and GULAG statistics. The only way one can get numbers that high is by counting deaths due to underdevelopment, famine, etc. as people killed by Stalin. That might seem legit at first, until you consider that millions die every year due to economic policies(many encouraged by the IMF, for example), yet we do not say things like “To date, the IMF has killed XX million people in Africa.” In fact what John said about the US in Asia is basically true(it’s something like 4 million if you count Korea and Vietnam, and you could throw in another 500,000 to 1 million as a result of the Suharto coup in Indonesia), yet in mainstream society you rarely see people make statements like that.

    Lastly on this point, some historians have pointed out that by using some of the same methodology which was used to calculate deaths under Stalin, you could “prove” that the US or in one case Canada starved millions of their citizens to death. In fact one overzealous Russian historian attempted to prove just that a few years ago, claiming that 7 million Americans died during the Great Depression. Ironically while he is certainly wrong, his methodology isn’t far removed from that of many anti-Communist scholars, particularly those who focus on the so-called Holodomor in Ukrainian history.

    The bottom line is that if people are going to take things such as excess deaths, deaths due to famine, underdevelopment(a condition inherited by the Communists, which they overcame after the war), etc. in the USSR and attribute these deaths to Stalin and Communism, then they need to come up with a legitimate explanation as to why we shouldn’t do the same when looking at things such as the number of deaths due to starvation in the non-socialist world, or deaths due to preventable disease. Otherwise it is a logical fallacy known as special pleading.

    Anyway, if there is someone else here who can read Russian I will leave you with a link which has scans of some of the previously secret archival documents along with statistics on executions, GULAG populations, and GULAG deaths over the whole of the “Stalin era”(In fact it begins a year before he became General Secretary of the Communist Party, that is it begins in 1921, and ends in early 1954 after his death). It is worth noting that this document dates back to 1921, because the civil war was still in progress at the time and the country was in massive turmoil.

    kakovy-masshtaby-stalinskikh-repressijj.html <Google this and the first link will provide a better copy of the paper than I previously had.

  10. Ok one last thing, I promise.

    “I could hardly believe the Community Party signs and flags that Marathon Pundit John Ruberry found in Chicago on May Day Occupy Chicago march.”

    What is the “Community Party?” Do they have a website?

  11. BTW John. I looked it up and… The overall number killed in the Vietnam War on all sides was about 1,216,000 people.

  12. AND 2,270,000 is the number the communist killed AFTER we left.

    It still goes on.

    Thanks to the bleeding heart liberals!

  13. Cindy, did you not just claim that Americans kill 1.21 million babies each year?

    I assume you consider abortion to be murder.

    What’s the count up to, I mean going back to Roe v. Wade, thus far?

  14. Cindy, you’re an idiot.

    Over 5 million people died in the Vietnam War on ALL sides.

    Stop it with the historical revisionism.

  15. Would you also care to cite your sources?

    Because your claim is less than half of the total casualties.

    For example, when you include all casualties from 1955-1975, including Cambodians and Laotians, the total number is over 5 million.

    And again, throw in the Suharto coup in Indonesia and you get another 500,000-1,000,000.

    So just in Southeast Asia alone we’re already getting into Holocaust territory(in terms of numbers alone, I don’t mean to say that this equates to the deliberately program of extermination which characterizes the Holocaust).

    (I sure hope these posts get approved. Because I KNOW that conservatives are confident enough in their beliefs so as to expose them to criticism. Their often-professed love of the Constitution must surely compel them to appreciate the 1st Amendment.)

  16. Nice name calling.

    R.J. Rummel is my source.

    Look him up yourself revisionists.

  17. R.J. Rummel?


    You’ve just totally set fire to your credibility on this subject.

    Rummel is precisely the embodiment of what I wrote about in my larger post.

  18. Say, while we’re on the topic, how many people does Rummel say the US killed in the 20th century?

    How many for the UK?

    How many for the IMF?

    Surely such a meticulous body counter with such hatred for democide MUST have calculated those death tolls as well.

    Also I must again ask, did you not claim yesterday that the US kills 1.2 million babies a year?

    How far back does that go?

    Does Rummel have any figure for that?

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