Danielle Rowe Seeks Volunteers as Illinois Tea Party Wisconsin Recall Election Coordinator

Scott Walker spoke to those who took the Family PAC Cruise last summer.

An email from former State Rep. candidate Danielle Rowe:

You do not need to wait until November to make an impact in an election that is critically important to the direction of our country.

What happens in the Wisconsin recall primary this Tuesday, May 8 and the recall election on June 5 will affect every state in the nation, including Illinois.

Rep. Paul Ryan has called this recall election the second most important election in the country in 2012, and he’s right.

I am honored to have been named the Illinois Tea Party Wisconsin Recall Election Coordinator.

The Illinois Tea Party fully supports Governor Scott Walker and Lt. Governor Rebecca Kleefisch and their brave reforms that have helped move Wisconsin in the right direction.

They grew Wisconsin’s economy, created tens of thousands of private sector jobs, lowered unemployment to 6.8%, fully funded their state pensions and balanced their budget WITHOUT raising taxes.

WI Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch speaks at the Chicago Tax Day Tea Party

I introduced Wisconsin Lt. Governor Rebecca Kleefisch at the 2012 Chicago Tax Day Tea Party.

At that rally, Kleefisch told us,

“This recall election in Wisconsin is about big union power. It is about these big union bosses maintaining government control–of a government that may want to control you.

“We are a harbinger, a canary in the coal mine. And we are sounding the alarm–that if the big unions can wrestle control back from We the People–then if it could happen in Wisconsin it could happen anywhere. So we could go backward–but we choose forward,”

“Forward” is the state motto of Wisconsin.

Unlike President Obama, who is using Forward as his campaign slogan, Walker and Kleefisch have moved Wisconsin’s economy forward, cut spending and balanced their budget.

Can we count on you?

Danielle Rowe

Whether you want to go to Wisconsin or help from your own home, there are many ways you can help support Scott Walker during this critical recall election:

  • Make phone calls from home: You can make phone calls from home now through the primary election by signing up at myscottspot.org.
  • Make phone calls from the Racine Victory Center: Racine is a swing district, and it’s just across the border. The Democrats are targeting Senator Van Wangggaard to hurt Scott Walker. If Wanggaard loses, Walker and the Republicans lose their majority in the Senate. We will be making phone calls from the Victory Center now through the election.
  • Walk for Scott Walker THIS SATURDAY, MAY 5: Volunteers are meeting at the Racine Victory Center from 9AM to 10AM this Saturday, May 5. Lunch will be provided. You can canvass from 9 or 10AM until 12:30PM, and/or 1:30PM until dark or when you finish with your packet of 40-60 homes.
  • Be a poll watcher on May 8 or June 5: Illinois residents are eligible to serve as poll watchers during the May 8 recall primary and the June 5 recall election.

Calls to vote in the primary are critical for Scott Walker.

He has a progressive Republican opponent named Arthur Kohl-Riggs. Arthur was a protestor in Madison against the Pension Reform Bill. He calls himself a “Progressive Republican”.

WI has an Open Primary.

The concern is that the Democrats will cross over to vote for Arthur in the Primary which would throw Gov. Walker out of office.

The goal is to make Walker supporters aware that they MUST vote in this Primary to stop the Democrats attempt to cross over and vote for his opponent.

Can you help?

If you can help, please call me at 847-773-7693 or email me at rowe@danielleforil.com

You can view and download a .pdf of our Illinois Tea Party call to action here:

Illinois Tea Party Call to Action: Wisconsin Recall

We need your help for the final push! Together we can re-elect Scott Walker!


Danielle Rowe Seeks Volunteers as Illinois Tea Party Wisconsin Recall Election Coordinator — 10 Comments

  1. I will be there Saturday in the afternoon! I hope as many of us, especially those of us who have been blessed to be elected, go as well.

    Andrew Gasser

  2. and I will be part of the recall effort.

    Look forward to seeing the McHenry County Blog followers there.

  3. I’m curious how you think this recall will effect Illinois and the other states.

  4. LC – I find that union member from other states are going to”camp out” in Wisconsin for 30 days, so that they can vote against Walker, utterly disgusting.

  5. How can other state union member from other state “camp out” and vote against Scott Walker.

    You have to be a resident, you have to show proof of your address or something to vote.

    Believe me I will be at the polls voting for Walker.

  6. Jeff…if the taxpayers of the world unite, the power house municipal GOP may be out of business since our property taxes are controlled by them and we all know they are out of the roof!

    All of the Cook County collar counties taxing bodies are controlled by the GOP.

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