Rape in Prison? Yeah. But Rape at Barrington High School?

The Daily Herald has a story about an audacious rape by a 16-year old of a 15-year old girl, not once, but three times in a Barrington High School stairwell.

Barrington High School. Photo credit: Wikipedia.

“’The high school has an extensive video surveillance system and campus attendants who regularly monitor student behavior throughout the 72-acre, 570,000-square-foot complex,’ [District 220 Superintendent Tom] Leonard wrote.

“’Unfortunately, cameras and attendants cannot be focused everywhere at once. The brief encounters did not disrupt or attract attention and allegedly occurred in two secluded stairwells at the high school, just beyond the view of video cameras,’” reports the Daily Herald.

From letters and testimony during the 1990’s about sexual assaults in Illinois prison, I know it occurs.

I also know that the Illinois Department of Corrections could greatly diminish such demonstrations of dominance by installing cameras.

When I had DOC cost it out, the price was $11-12 million.

Never enough money, naturally.

And DOC really doesn’t care about prisons having sex in prison.

Some of the victims are so cowed by threats that the sex acts appear to be consensual.

So, it seems obvious neither Illinois’ so-called “Correctional Centers” nor Barrington High School have enough protection for their wards.

And, come to think of it, high schools have a lot more in common with jails than rapists.

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