Signs of the Wisconsin Recall Elections

"Reclaim Wisconsin, Recall Walker," urges this yard sign.

Recall elections are coming up Tuesday in Wisconsin for Governor Scott Walker, his Lieutenant Governor Rebecca Kleefisch and Republican State Senator Van Wanggaard, who represents Racine County and the deciding vote in the State Senate.

These two yard signs appear to be lit at night. They say, "Stand with Walker."

Republicans, of course, are trying to keep Wanggaard in office so the Democrats don’t take control of that body in Madison.

United Wisconsin has a sign saying, "Recall Walker."

Danielle Rowe is recruiting people to go to Racine to help encourage Republicans to vote between now and when the polls close on Saturday.

This sign says. "Walker for Sportsmen."

And, if you don’t have time to go in person, there are lists that could be provided so you could make phone calls from home.

You can make phone calls from home now through the primary election by signing up at

Milwaukee seeks to be the Democratic Party's candidate to oppose Republican Scott Walker. He is Milwaukee's Mayor.


Signs of the Wisconsin Recall Elections — 4 Comments

  1. WI state pensions are almost fully funded, WI does not have the $5+ Billion backlog of vendor payments that IL has, and WI State budget is much more balanced than IL.

    Meanwhile IL has issued bonds to fund public sector projects which “create” jobs.

    Bonds which of course have to be repaid.

    Thus plowing IL further in debt.

    So much debt that now the bond rating agencies are telling IL if you don’t make any changes your bond rating is going to decrease.

    So maybe Walker made some people angry by restricting collective bargaining rights, but such collective bargaining rights were already that restrictive in many other states, and WI is much more financially sound than IL.

    And how about IL politicians writing pension legislation to benefit cronies.

    If you are bold enough to write pension legislation to reward cronies, you are bold enough to do a whole host of other shenanigans.

  2. Compare the $5B+ vendor payment backlog to the General Funds Revenue.

    The General Funds Revenue consists of Income Taxes (net), Sales Taxes, Federal Receipts, and Other Revenue.

    State of IL FY 2011 Actual General Funds Revenue was $29.99B. FY 2011 was from July 1, 2010 – June 30, 2011.

    I am not sure of the current projected FY 2012 revenue; the last figure I recall was $33.141B reported in the Jan 30, 2012 document from the Institute for Illinois Fiscal Sustainability at the Civic Federation.

    $5B vendor payment backlog is about 15% of $33B project FY 2012 revenues.

  3. Mark…do you honestly think your stats are attributed to Scott Walker and they happened in the last 15 months?


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