What You See from the Main Beach When Rowers Compete

Specks way out in the lake turn into people when if you watched the Greater Chicago Juniors Rowing Championships at the Crystal Lake Park District’s Main Beach yesterday.

Before I show you a series of photos of a beach view look at the Women’s Varsity 8 Race, let me observe that this type of even cries for a hot air balloon anchored over the lake with a camera whose views are broadcast to a big screen on the Main Beach.

Now, that would be exciting.

Combine it with cameras from Gate 21, 13, 7 and 3 and it would be really worth watching.  Any photo may be enlarged by clicking on it.

The race is probably passing Gate 21 here.

The skiffs don't get large quickly.

Could specators tell who was ahead from the beach?

Getting closer, but still too far for identification for most people.

Closer they come. Are they at Gate 13 yet?

The spots are getting bigger.

Halfway home?

A bird entered the picture here.

Those viewing the race could identifiy where their friends were by now.

Swallows were eating lunch in the foreground.

Later photos show there were more than three entrants, but that's all that can be seen here.

There was loud cheering next to me when I took this picture.

And the leaders approach the finish line.

The rowers are coming into focus.

Estimate the speed from the wake of the chase boat.

Which team will win?

Looks as if the race is over. The oars of the skiff on the left are being feathered.

At the left side of the image one can see another skiff coming into view.

A wider view shows there was still another boat (seen at the right) in the race.

I discovered that the winners of the Women’s 8 Varsity race was the Lincoln Park Juniors.

The Lincoln Park Juniors won the Women's 8 Varsity race.

Here's a better view of the first two rowers on the Lincoln Park Juniors team.

Spots three and four of the Lincoln Park Juniors Varsity 8 are highlighted here.

The camera focused on spots five and six of the Lincoln Park Juniors Varsity 8 Women's team in this photo.

The seventh and eighth members of the Lincoln Park Juniors Women's Varsity 8 can be seen here.

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