McHenry County Real Estate Tax Bills Online

The McHenry County Treasurer’s Office.

The McHenry County Treasurer’s Office has posted the property tax bills that people will pay this year.

If you go here, you will see three ways to find what our tax bill is.

You can type in

  • the Property Index Number (we all have that memorized, right?)
  • the address (probably the easiest) or
  • the name (here you have to remember the name on the deed)

I had no problem using our address.

Treasurer Bill LeFew will be sending out the bills this week.

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See analysis here.

If you are looking for a tax bill to be paid in 2013, look here.


McHenry County Real Estate Tax Bills Online — 26 Comments

  1. I was not able to access anything. Tried all three methods, but all returned no such parcel.

  2. I also had no luck using any of the 3 methods available, response was no parcels found. Great web site…..NOT

  3. I wish they didn’t. How is it that the tax cap limit is 1.5 percent yet my property taxes went up 14 percent?!? In the past 3 years my property taxes have gone up a little over 56 percent!!! I can’t get anyone to give me an answer why. I just get a call the finance department of your school district and ask why…call the bla-bla-bla. Nice to see that I get no raises at work yet someone must be getting a fat raise on my behalf! I thought McHenry County was a decent place to live, but not when my taxes are soon going to outpace my mortgage payments!!!

  4. If you are not appealing your annual assessments and having them lowered, then homeowners have no one to blame but themselves for paying more.

    But I agree the local government is keen on just maxing out what they can get, until they have a mass Exodus of homeowners defaulting on taxes.

    See how government employees like that.

  5. My issue is not with what my home is assessed at.

    My issue is with paying over 3% of the assessed value in property taxes.

    And it doesn’t matter if you get your assessment lowered because a bigger pie has to be divided up every year.

    Lower property values aren’t getting us any lower tax bills.

    My entire neighborhood was reassessed last year due to some special neighborhood reevaluation and our tax bill was lowered $1,0000.00.

    This year, our bill was raised $2000.00.

  6. I just received our tax bill and I can’t believe it!

    Our taxes have increased over last year by $2,400.00 which is ridiculous.

    Our home value has gone down by 50% over what we built the house for in 2006.

    We cna’t afford to sell and take a loss like so many people and now we have to come up with an additional $1,200.00 to pay taxes by 6/11/12.


    When there is this much of a tax increase at least we should have more notice…I will be appealing this year that is if we can keep the house.

  7. I cannot get mine with the address.

    I didn’t try the other 2 methods.

  8. Our tax bill for our 2 acre commercial property went from aprox $4000 per year in 2005 to $8200 per year in 2012

    Its now 2013 and many commercial buildings are now empty thanks to the economy & the mchenry county assessors.

  9. Remember it is the tax districts (mainly schools) that determine how much you are taxed.

  10. I was unable to find my tax bill using the name or the address.

    The address is 610 Mason Lane in Lake in the Hills.

    The names are Scott and Alison Garner.

    I need this information so I can register my daughter for kindergarten.

    Thank you.

  11. This website is no help. Doesn’t know me OR my property address!! :}

  12. The first time one posts a comment the program makes me approve the poster.

  13. This website does not work for looking up your tax bill with the address. Please repair it.

    It’s obviously been a problem for some time as I see very old posts here.

  14. When will the 2015 tax bills be posted or accessible online?

  15. People in mchenry are STUPID including myself,

    They say the county is broke I have lived in this county for 15 years.

    The college just purched 3 RGB computer matrix signs

    two in Woodstock one in mchenry at a cost of $70.000.00 each

    that is a total of $210.000.00 that were not needed,

    just think about what we don’t know”…”………..?

  16. Go to the web site of the McHenry County Treasurer.

    There is a button that says, “Advanced payment.”

    That page has the details and the form to file, along with your check.

  17. When I click on the link to get to the site and says not found

  18. Then go to the County Treasurer’s web site. That’s where the link was supposed to go.

  19. Does anybody know when the 2019 tax bills will be posted online and/or mailed?

    Anybody know what the new tax rate is in Richmond?


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