Message of the Day – A Sign

Today is the big day in neighboring Wisconsin.

It’s the labor unions’ Recall election day.

My niece found this satirical sign near her son’s day care center in Milwaukee:

The sign says, "Recall Santa. I didn't get what I wanted!"

For those who wish to help get out the vote for Governor Scott Walker, there are lists that could be provided so you could make phone calls from home.

You can sign up at


Message of the Day – A Sign — 3 Comments

  1. Today is just the primary; the big recall election is June 5th.

    Walker must be ahead, because you don’t hear much about it in the lamestream media.

  2. Gov. Walker has a Republican opponent on the primary ballot so it is very important to vote today and get others to do so as well.

    In Wisconsin you are able to cross vote, Gov. Walker is urging his supporters to come out and vote today against his Republican and Democrat opponents.

    Plus, large numbers for Walker against the Democrats today will prove very helpful for June 5. Thank you Cal for spreading the word. Visit to hear a personal video message from Gov. Walker and detailed information on how you can help with the WI Recall.

    I am honored to be the Volunteer Coordinator for the IL Tea Party and the Lake and McHenry County Republican Organizations.

    Follow on twitter #DanielleforIL and on Facebook Citizens for Danielle Rowe has pictures and videos from this weekend at the Racine Victory Center with Gov. Walker and Senator Van Wanggaard.

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