Clock Is Running on Finding GOP Opponent for Jack Franks

Jack Franks new district, redrawn to eliminate areas where John O'Neill won.

During the last three election cycles the McHenry County Republican Central Committee has forfeited the election to Democrat Jack Franks two-thirds of the time.

Once was under GOP Chairman Bill LeFew in his last term; once under current Chairman Mike Tryon in his first term.

Self-starter John O’Neill, McHenry Grade School and Library Board member, ran against Franks in 2010.

He didn’t win, but he was effective enough to convince Franks to jettison the Spring Grove part of his old district where he did poorly.

Under new law regarding the placing of candidates on the ballot who did not run in the primary election, nominated candidates have to gather as many signatures as they would have had then gotten on the primary ballot.

The State Board of Elections calendar says that June 4th is the last day such candidates to file the necessary paperwork.


“Last day for appointee, by established party managing committee, to file the following documents when no candidate was nominated at the General Primary Election. The following must be filed together:

  1. notice of appointment by the appropriate committee,
  2. nominating petitions,
  3. statement of candidacy and
  4. statement of economic interest receipt.

Times a wasting unless local Republicans have reached so much of an accomodation with Franks that running no one in opposition to his certain vote to put Mike Madigan back in the House Speaker’s chair is what they desire.

If so, the McHenry County Republican Party is really in sad shape.
(10 ILCS 5/7-61, 8-17)”

For some issues other than his Drano bill, potential candidates might want to read,

Help Wanted – GOP Opponent for Labor-Lawyer-Lobbyist Democrat “Chainsaw Jack” Franks


Clock Is Running on Finding GOP Opponent for Jack Franks — 6 Comments

  1. I fought hard for a chance to run tonight against Jack Franks.

    I will find out tomorrow if they will give me a shot.

    I just want to have a chance.

    I am not buying the vote….I still have to get signatures, raise funds and convince people to vote for me. Feels like I am asking for their right arms.

    I am the one that has to do all the work.

    Eye opening experience.

    I will not give up.

    My district is ready for someone to represent them. A

    A 14 yr career politician and trial attorney, is not a true representation of our district.

    I believe that I have more to offer as a representative of those in our district in life experience and being a wife, mother, health care worker, medical instructor.

    I have owned 3 small businesses, a training center for medical professionals.

    I have built homes with my bare hands, been a single mom for 10 years.

    I am a grandmother, my husband served in the Military for 24 yrs.

    I actually believe that I am more representative of our communities than a wealthy trial attorney that has actually spent the last 14 yrs in Springfield.

    Here I am, ready and waiting to work for the Republicans.

    I believe we could energize the party, not only in Illinois but across the country, people want to know they have a voice and that their vote counts.

    The clock is ticking.

  2. Go Tonya Go!!

    I will help collect signatures.

    We have to defeat Jack Franks!

  3. Jack Franks is one of the best representatives in Illinois.

    He has worked to lower property taxes, cut government waste, and is an honest/hard working rep.

    Jack Franks 2012!!

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