McHenry GOP Chairmen, Present & Past, Step Forward for Dave McSweeney

Just in case there was any doubt, “Fellow Republicans” received a letter from

  • Mike Tryon
  • William “Bill” LeFew
  • Jack Schaffer
  • Al Jourdan

informing them that are supporting David McSweeney, the GOP winner of the 52nd District State Rep. race this fall.

Targeted for opposition is Dee Beaubien, the widow of State Rep. Mark Beaubien who is gathering signatures to run as an Independent this fall after he favorite, the appointed incumbent Kent Gaffney lost to McSweeney.

“David McSweeney won that fight fair and square,” the letter says.

You can read the entire letter below:

McHenry County Republican Party Chairmen back to 1968 tell of their support for Dave McSweeney for State Representative over Dee Beaubien.


McHenry GOP Chairmen, Present & Past, Step Forward for Dave McSweeney — 6 Comments

  1. The title of the book “The Good Ole Boyz….the quest for power and how keep it.”

    That being said….McSweeney clearly is the better choice but the boys do like to circle the wegons.

  2. Dems and Independent always supported Mark.

    The Dems rarely gave him an opponent.

    From a strategic point, it would be poor strategy to put a Dem on the ballot.

    McSweeney will have a hard time getting the I & D vote.

  3. McSweeney is supported by Jourdan, Schaffer, LeFew and Tryon?

    Well, that says a lot right there, about someone. Hopefully McSweeney will be able to stay independent enough to not fall into that crowd.

    incerely doubt Dee would provide anything different than what her husband did and would follow a similarly party line, sans independence.

  4. Tyron, Schaffer they hated mcsweeney now they love David.

    Help me here didn’t Dee recieve a award at the lincoln days dinner?

    But they like Dee at the time?


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