So Much Political Corruption, People Want Resignations Before Conviction

Derrick Brown

That’s what people want now, according to Chicago Sun-Times columnist Mark Brown.

He uses State Rep. Derrick Smith, the Democrat appointed by Secretary of State Jesse White and political allies.

Smith was arrested for taking $7,000 in bribes.

He was subsequently indicted.

Then, because a primary opponent who used to be Executive Director of the local Republican Party was on the Democratic Party primary ballot, Democratic Party leaders urged voters to elect the alleged crook, rather than the white guy Republican.

The strategy worked.

Smith won the primary election.

Primary election results showed Derrick Smith won over 3-1.

The goal of the Dem leaders was for Smith to win nomination, but then resign.

He hasn’t done it.


Presumably he needs the month and, I understand, if convicted, he gets points for resigning from the office.

Since a trial is unlikely to be finished by the November election, Smith might even be elected.

Of course, the Illinois House could kick him out of his seat.

That’s happened before and one of these days I’ll write about it.

But, back to what stimulated this piece.

Brown writes,

“While I’m also of a mind Smith should go, it bears noting we seem to have reached a point in Illinois where innocent until proven guilty no longer applies to public officials under indictment.

“Now we clamor for their immediate removal based on the charges alone.”

Is my memory correct that the Northwest Herald called for McHenry County State’s Attorney to step down until his criminal indictment was resolved?


So Much Political Corruption, People Want Resignations Before Conviction — 1 Comment

  1. Chicago is so dysfunctional.

    What are those stupid politicians thinking.

    Hey business whom we are trying to attract to Chicago, we recommend our constituents elect crooks.

    But come to our great city anyways.

    The evidence against Derrick Brown is overwhelming.

    This was no run of the mill arrest.

    He was arrested in an FBI sting operation.

    He’s being charged by Patrick Fitzgerald, US Attorney for the Northern District of Illinois.

    The feds rarely lose.


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