Two from McHenry County Make Illinois Conservatives’ “30 Under 30” List

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Illinois Conservatives have picked two new Republican Precinct Committeemen in McHenry County for its list of “30 Under 30.”

Melissa Denker

They are 19-year old Melissa Denker and 29-year old Rob Abraham.

Here’s what is written about them:

Melissa Denker- is a 19-year-old student living in the 14th Congressional District. Originally from Belgrade, Serbia, Melissa now lives in Harvard, IL where she was recently elected Precinct Committeeman Chairwoman of Dunham Township. She has been involved in several campaigns locally and nationally. Her future goals include getting more young people to care about voting and to educate them on the issues. She is also hoping to become a senator

Rob Abraham

and show Washington what it means to follow the constitution.

Rob Abraham-is a 29-year-old private technology consultant living in Lake of the Hills in the 16th Congressional District with his wife of two years. Rob was recently elected Precinct Committeeman of Algonquin Township 57. Rob is also a Navy veteran who joined the military on 9/11/01. He hopes to one day be a congressman in which he would serve on a defense committee and would like today’s politicians to never lose sight of their job, serve the people that elected them.


Two from McHenry County Make Illinois Conservatives’ “30 Under 30” List — 6 Comments

  1. These are two future superstars in the Republican Party here in McHenry County and Illinois.

    They will do great things much sooner rather than later.

    Andrew Gasser

  2. How impressive to see enthusiastic young people willing to serve.

    The Republican party needs some new blood, and these two people here, and the rest of them on the list (30 Under 30) throughout Illinois are our future.

    upport and encourage these young people whenever you can!

  3. So happy to see these young people get involved.

    Time for the dinos to move on and make way.

    We must all learn to pass on the torch.

    Good values cannot be passed up.

  4. I know Rob on a personal and business relationship basis – he is a top notch, A+ guy, and I’d make an honest vote for him as president, if it were.

    Abraham is your man!

  5. These young people are our future.

    With the dismal state of our nation, and the state of Illinois, reading these bios gives me much hope.

    The establishment needs to welcome these people with open arms, if they do not they are stupid!

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