Gene Lowery Appointed Police Chief in DeKalb

Thank to the Northwest Herald for pointing me to the following City of DeKalb press release:

Gene Lowery

“DeKalb City Manager Mark Biernacki announced today that he has appointed Eugene (Gene) Lowery as the next Police Chief for the City of DeKalb.

“Lowery is currently the Deputy Chief of the Crystal Lake, Illinois Police Department.

“He has been in that position since March, 2010.

“Prior to that time, Lowery was the Undersheriff for the McHenry County, Illinois Sheriff’s office for 21 years.

“He started his career with the Ottawa, Illinois Police Department in 1979.

“Biernacki was assisted in the selection process by four separate interview panels, each having 7 to 8 people representing a cross section of the community.

“’The input and insight from the interview panels were invaluable,’ Biernacki said.

“’I am extremely pleased with Lowery’s appointment. We have selected a top notch candidate. I am confident he will serve well our community.’

“For Lowery, this appointment is the culmination of a successful career in law enforcement.

“’I have always wanted the opportunity to be the Police Chief and to have a chance to lead an entire department while fulfilling a lifelong career goal,’ Lowery said.

“’The DeKalb Police Department is well known and highly respected. I am honored to have been chosen to help lead it.’

“Lowery will start working for the City on May 29, 2012.

“His appointment is subject to the Mayor and City Council’s approval at the May 14, 2012 regular meeting.”


Gene Lowery Appointed Police Chief in DeKalb — 24 Comments

  1. Gene, all good wishes to you as you embark on this new journey.

    Soon, DeKalb will get a taste of what we had here in Crystal Lake, and McHenry County.

  2. Thank God in Heaven !!!! This is great news.

    Gene Lowery is an evil man and he has been a horrible cop.

    Crystal Lake should celebrate today!

    We are all safer and more secure now that this thug is gone.

  3. That’s odd; I’ve heard the same sentiments, Skeptic.

    Could we be so lucky to think that Lowery’s exodus could be “the start of something big”?, like, maybe, his former boss could be next?

  4. Well I guess I see it differently.

    The problems at the MCSO started after he left and I know of none at the CLPD since his arrival.

    Looks to me he kept a lid on most problems at the Sheriff’s Office.

    I for one think he gets a bad rap for bogus reasons.

    I think he will do well at DeKalb.

  5. Ask the officers who have served with this thug.

    Ask the professionals who have worked along side him.

    Ask his wife.

    Anyone close to this monster knows he is evil to the core.

    Be it Ottawa, the Sheriff’s office, or Crystal Lake, this thug leaves a wake of pain and destruction. Just ask Chile’s Restaurant.

    What a loser.

    This is a great day for Crystal Lake; a dark night for DeKalb.

  6. Ned states;

    “Looks to me he kept a lid on most problems at the Sheriff’s Office.”

    Ned, it’s called “Cover Up!”

    Good riddance Lowery why don’t you take Nygren with you….Well, forget that, other plans are in the works for him.

    DeKalb, you still have an out, I suggest you take it! Who is the Police Chief at NIU? Isn’t he too a former Nygren thug. I think the NIU police chiefs daughter was recently busted on drug charges so they should all get along well.

    And Ned, the problems did not just start at MCSO after this knucklehead left Nygren. He was the root cause of much of the problems way before he ever left and darkened the door of the CLPD.

    Word is he brought down the moral of the CLPD in a quick hurry and officers can’t wait for him to be gone.

  7. Yes, NIU police chief Grady’s daughter has been arrested twice for drugs along with her boyfriend during a sting months ago within dekalb, and twice for battery.

    I will say, there are many great police officers on the dekalb police force.

    The DPD has been understaffed for several yrs.

    Crime has increased with more violent crimes involving weapons.

    I’m alarmed at the comments above about Lowery?

  8. Many of these posters are way off base. To castigate Mr Lowery over the affairs within a department he left years ago is ludacris.

    As for his involvement in the Gauger arrest (Gauger v. Hendle, No. 03 LA 292, Circuit Court of the 22nd Judicial Circuit, McHenry County, Illinois.), I seem to recall he was found not guilty.

    Since you mention a specific issue-Skeptic, what happened at Chili’s?

    As for Grady, he’s had his own issues.

    Look up his rapport with the students at NIU (he was put on leave last year? for making threats), his self aggrandizing after the 02-14 tragedy (he’s media response and his chest full of metals have been use as an example of how not to act) and his lack of any substantive cooperation with the DeKalb and Sycamore PDs (rumors abound that he has flatly refused to work with law enforcement professionals around him-even DeKalb County Sheriff backed his removal).

    Bottom line, Mr Lowery will be an asset to whatever venue is fortunate enough to have him.

    Best of luck in your new endeavor Mr Lowery.

  9. Really, Really, “YEARS AGO?”

    As I recall, it has only been about 2 years. So make your boy out to sound so innocent as if he left 10 years ago or so, is so typical of you. Your “Spin” is beginning to sound as if you might have your mouth full.

    Look DeKalb, your going to find out the hard way if you bring this guy into your lives.

    I see one poster states there is high crime in DeKalb. Well that will work out great for this thug. He will fit right in.

    He had an excellent teacher and apples don’t fall very far from the trees. Grady should be your warning sign. Another Nygren boy.

    Lowery should be indicted, not hired!

  10. Really – the decision in the Gauger case was that it was “shoddy police work” they did not find malice.

    I would question the malice issue.

    Under Cover is right on!

  11. Under, under, indicted for what? Those are pretty heavy words. What’s your spin?

    Here’s a newsreel for you. The SAO decides when, if and what charges get filed. It’s abundantly clear you have some personal axe to grind with Mr Lowery-so what was it?

    As for apples falling from the tree. Nygren became Sheriff when? Lowery had already been the investigative Lt. before Nygren (and the Gauger case was pre-Nygren)…so which how did Lowery learn from Nygren, who was at CLPD at the time?

    As for shoddy Police work-that’s a bit of an opined. Hindsight is always 20/20 and fascially, Gauger certainly appeared culpable. But, I guess watching a few episodes of CSI make FYI an expert:

    Apparently Gauger was convicted by a jury, after his alleged confession, loosely matching evidence and a jailhouse snitch. Now, prior to the Milwaukee MC gang confession and Judge Cowlin’s mistake (permitting the confession)-Sorry, but I guess the whole “shoddy police work” is another opinion.

    Remember, arrests are based upon Probable Cause-convictions are based upon Beyond a Reasonable Doubt and, it’s a deeply unsettling reality but, sometimes those two factors will put an innocent person behind bars. Our Criminal Justice System is far from perfect-but please, find a better one and let us all know what it is…

    That said, Mr Lowery is a well respected law enforcement professional and best of luck to him at DeKalb City!

  12. Lowery was a Lt. in 2004 and not a bright light. He moved up fast cause Nygren needed the “personal service boy”.

  13. Really – you sound very “cop like”.

    Wonder who your mentor was? Is?

    I think that can be figured out by what you have to say.

    Grady and Nygren are buddies.

    Remember, Nygren was a Parol Officer in DeKalb.

  14. Glad a few google terms are enough to get your investigative mind reeling. Toss in Probable Cause and Beyond a Reasonable Doubt-and I get you spinning.

    Suppose I mention cyanotic, hypertensive, and c-peptide and you’ll call me a Doctor?

    FYI, you sound very “disgruntled, most likely have been arrested like”. Wonder what Mr Lowery nabbed you for?????

    When Nygren was a patrol officer in DeKalb (when was that, the early 1970s?), Grady (the +$200k/year Chief) was not at NIU…shall I vette that out for you?

    Grady was a Rock County Deputy, then WI Police Chief in 1989 (Bloomer, WI), went to University of NM in 1994 (until 1996) spent a couple of years overseas, then to NIU in 2001.

    Nygren’s history is pretty well documented-here is a quote from the NW Herald (“I began my law enforcement career in DeKalb County. In 1971 I became a patrol officer for the City of Crystal Lake and worked through the ranks finishing my tour with the City of Crystal Lake as their chief of police after 26 years of service”)-he became County Sheriff in 1997?

    I have to ask, when were they ever patrolling DeKalb together?

    If my information is wrong, please correct me.

  15. Never, Never been arrested.

    Did not just fall off of a turnip truck either.

    Donations to Nygren’s campaign tell it all.

    Very connected to DeKalb and his buddy.

    Keep trying to deflect.

  16. Just following your suit.

    Donations don’t equate with patrolling DeKalb together.

    So I guess that’s the connection?

    You link a campaign donation with being patrol buddies?

    That’s a playing a little loose and fast with facts-but whatever.

    Your supposition and innuendo belittle your intentions-again, you have a personal axe to grind and choose to exercise it here-the great internet forum where salacious slander typically goes unchecked…

  17. Just because I counter and challenge your insinuations is nothing near deflection. It’s a weak argument that is based solely upon emotion. I just called for you, skeptic, undercover, et all to put your money where your mouth is.

    Educate the uneducated-but do so with facts-not monumental leaps in logic. Again, your implication that a campaign donation means conspiracy and corruption is illogical and weak.

    I work under the motto of the State to the southwest, so “Show me.” Just like undercover and all the other monikers (you yourself may be using), don’t leave anything hanging- Show me.

  18. Anyone who wants to know Lowery, and how horrible he is, read the book

    “In Spite of The System.”

  19. Mike Salvi,,

    Lowery is being watched in DeKalb County.

    Sheriff Scott of DeKalb County endorsed Zinke for Sheriff.

    There are people watching these two . . .

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  21. UnderCoverBrother. Call me about Lowery’s present lawsuit accusing someone who objected to Lowery being police chief of defamation, 630-587-7912 or 630-399-1422

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