Republican Candidate Steps Forward to Challenge Jack Franks

Last night I posted the following article:

Clock Is Running on Finding GOP Opponent for Jack Franks

Now I have found a comment under that article from Tonya Franklin, which is worth reading:

Tonya Franklin

“I fought hard for a chance to run tonight against Jack Franks.

“I will find out tomorrow if they will give me a shot.

“I just want to have a chance.

“I am not buying the vote….I still have to get signatures, raise funds and convince people to vote for me.

“Feels like I am asking for their right arms.

“I am the one that has to do all the work.

“Eye opening experience.

“I will not give up.

“My district is ready for someone to represent them.

“A 14 yr career politician and trial attorney, is not a true representation of our district.

“I believe that I have more to offer as a representative of those in our district in life experience and being

  • a wife
  • mother
  • health care worker
  • medical instructor

“I have owned 3 small businesses, a training center for medical professionals.

“I have built homes with my bare hands, been a single mom for 10 years.

“I am a grandmother, my husband served in the Military for 24 yrs.

“I actually believe that I am more representative of our communities than a wealthy trial attorney that has actually spent the last 14 yrs in Springfield.

“Here I am, ready and waiting to work for the Republicans.

“I believe we could energize the party, not only in Illinois but across the country, people want to know they have a voice and that their vote counts.

“The clock is ticking.”

My “Help Wanted – GOP Opponent for Labor-Lawyer-Lobbyist Democrat ‘Chainsaw Jack’ Franks” article is here.


Republican Candidate Steps Forward to Challenge Jack Franks — 22 Comments

  1. There is a large group of Republicans and Independents behind Tonya Franklin. We are eagerly anticipating the news from the McHenry County Republican Party.

    With only 30 minutes notice we brought a group to speak in support of Tonya’s candidacy, all members of this community.

    We were shut out of the private meeting which was held behind locked doors. No opportunity to speak or to observe.

    What is up with that?

    The McHenry County Party under Michael Tryon’s leadership FAILED to find a candidate in time for the March 20th Primary.

    He asked us to find one.

    WE DID!

    A qualified and motivated candidate has stepped forward.

    Why all the cloak and daggers, the meetings in private, the LONG wait for a decision?

    Tick Tock, each day the clock to June 4th ticks!

    BTW: Frank’s District has about 12,000 registered Democrats and 17,000 registered Republicans.

    (Cal, I don’t have the exact numbers, but we will send them in to you later in the morning. ) That should be the headline! 🙂

  2. Tonya stated;

    “I am the one that has to do all the work.

    “Eye opening experience.

    Tonya, stick with your gut instincts…. Don’t waste your time and efforts and even more, your money.

    Although admirable, you’re going to find yourself seeing things you wished you never knew existed in your home county.

    Thanks though for trying.

  3. Go Tonya Go.

    Let the power of women take the “seat” from Chainsaw Jack.

  4. This “good ole boys club” is pathetic.

    People have to stop voting them in.

    We have too many Republicrats in office.

    Most of the Rep leadership is in bed with Franks.

    Keep trying, they will try to stonewall.

    Fight for it.

  5. Mouse: Help me with this, as I have a public education.

    We have too many Republicans in office.

    Most Repubs are in bed with Jack Franks.

    Jack Franks is a Democrat.

    miss the logic here.

    We have too many power hungry people wearing the title “Republican”. Same thing with Democrats.

    I wish the earth would just swallow up the state capitol and Chicago City Hall. Plus a few meeting places in McHenry County.

  6. I meant those in leadership in McHenry County.

    I am embarrassed by them.

    Note the lawsuit with Nygren (another one).

    Nygren ran as a Dem and could not win.

    hen he turns coat to be a Rep and gets all the support from Tryon, Jourdan, Schaffer, LeFew and on and on.

    This is a mess.

  7. Go Tonya!!!

    I will certainly help/vote and I know a good many more good citizens that would like to see career politicians out!

    It is APATHETIC attitudes like “UnderCoverBrother”s, that continue to allow the re-election of officials like Sheriff Nygren.

    To date, this “elected official” has pillaged the county of millions of dollars to pay for lawyers because of gross incompetence under his watch.

    And yet we have re-elected this person to four or five terms?

    Why there are not more outraged taxpayers?

    Rather, why are there so many apathetic attitudes?

    When people start believing they CAN make a difference by supporting new blood, new ideas, or just participating in the democratic process, maybe then we won’t have career politicians lining their pockets or passing laws that promote their personal agendas.

  8. From Tanya’s Facebook page: “Whatever happened to open to the public meetings? All of my supporters were told to leave. Then in the meeting one woman repeated several times that nobody knows me.”

    At this point in the process, it is a private organization which you are seeking support from.

    The Republican Party, just like the Democrat Party, is a private organization and has every right to hold private meetings relating to appointments.

    It is much easier before the primary when ANYBODY can collect 500 signatures and turn them in but NOBODY chose to run for the Republican nomination against Franks…NOBODY.

  9. People know Tonya and she has a network to support her.

    Locally, in the county, in the state, and nationally.

    Keep Pressing Tonya!

    Andrew Gasser

  10. You are very brave and this courage is deeply appreciated Ms. Franklin.

    You will be supported from all over the spectrum.

    Be prepared to see one of the dirtiest politicians go to work on you if you gather what he deems is too much support in the community.

    Note he had the last “rebellious” area(Spring Grove) cut from his district.

    Connect to the women in politics and you will know the strength this state has in the fairer sex.

    The Lincoln Series is a fantastic place to start.

    Good luck.

    Go get him!

  11. Great comment, Voters Against!

    Does this not prove (just like I have said) that Mike Tryon is a moron?

  12. Please call and support Tonya:

    Contact McHenry County Republican Chairman Mike Tryon & IL Republican Party Chair Pat Brady to express your desire for them to appoint Tonya to be on the Republican ballot:

    Springfield Office:
    (217) 782-0432 Phone
    District Office:
    (815) 459-6453 Phone

    Illinois Republican Party

    Party Chairman-Pat Brady

    Chicago, IL (312)201-9600

    Springfield, IL (217)525-0011

    Pat Brady’s E-mail:

  13. Jr, I agree with you…. However Ms. Franklin stated the “Truth” about what she has seen.

    Tonya stated;

    “I am the one that has to do all the work.”

    “Eye opening experience.”

    Until the “Rats nest” that is McHenry County is cleaned out, anybody who tries to come in better have at minimum a million dollars to blowup!

    Are you going gamble this woman’s future…. both emotionally and financially?

    I wish her well if she decides to step into the muck.

    I hope Jr is there with his ‘Maximum’ donation.

    Jack Franks can throw out a million bucks and not even feel it.

  14. Truth Seeker said:

    “Please call and support Tonya: Contact McHenry County Republican Chairman Mike Tryon & IL Republican Party Chair Pat Brady to express your desire for them to appoint Tonya to be on the Republican ballot”

    Neither Pat Brady nor Mike Tryon have any real say in the matter. It is up to the Precinct Committeemen in the precincts which make up the district.

    If you want to get really activist, go on the McHenry County Clerk website, find out which precincts make up the district.

    Then look up the precinct committeemen in those precincts and call them or better yet go knock on their doors.

    They shouldn’t really mind being bothered at home since that is what they do when they walk their precincts, that is IF they walk their precincts.

    What I don’t understand is why are you people so excited about getting somebody on the ballot now, where was all of this excitement BEFORE the primary when a candidate could have been voted on by the voters and called a NOMINEE rather than now having to be appointed and called an APPOINTEE?

  15. Here are the facts in real life……..

    McHenry County Dems are now pulling 38% of the General Election votes. This has been proven going back to the 2008 and 2010 election cycles.

    Let’s just say Jack Franks pulls 38% from his party.

    This means he only needs 13% of the Republican vote to win the election.

    Given the “Fact” (sad as you might think of it) that the McHenry County GOP power brokers will NOT support anybody but Mr. Franks as Ms. Franklin has already been keen enough to notice;

    DO the math folks?

    IF Ms. Franklin can come up with ONE MILLION DOLLARS, Right now cash for her campaign, the very best she will lose by is a 70/30 vote, in favor of State Rep. Jack Franks.

    Now, given this fact based scenario, do you still want to encourage this nice woman to run?

    Ms. Franklin, do yourself a favor, continue your work in the health care field, enjoy your kids, get involved in local politics if you like, then, perhaps next time around make a go of it.

    Trust me, you won’t regret my advise.

    All the best to you and thank you for even caring enough to try!

  16. Sad to hear that it’s still the same Old Boys’ Club in McHenry County.

    Time to clean house…again. Long past time for Franks to be dumped by voters, but many others should be dumped also.

  17. Call Daniel also he is another worthless thug. who has Daniel phone number . ask him why Tonya is not the right candiate.

  18. Surprise????

    McHenry County GOP is lame and seems to be staying inert with the current leadership.

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