The McHenry County Committee Who Interviewed Tonya Franklin for State Rep. Vacancy against Jack Franks

I’ve finally figured out who was at the meeting in the Crystal Lake Plaza GOP Headquarters last week.

You remember.

The one who recommended that Tea Party enthusiast Tonya Franklin should not run this year against Jack Franks, but maybe should in two years after more Republicans got to know her and after she had served as a Precinct Committeeman (which she tells me she wants to become).

Mark Daniel

It was headed up by newly-elected Vice Chairman Mark Daniel, who also heads the Nunda Township Republican Central Committee, replacing Brent Smith, who really got things moving there.

Fred Wickham

Daniel was asked to head the committee because County Republican Chairman Mike Tryon was in Springfield doing his legislative duties in the Illinois House of Representatives.

Another of the Central Committee’s officers, Fred Wickham was present, too.

He is Treasurer and his victory showed the party establishment thought the Pro-Life faction deserved a seat at the table.

Such recognition has not yet been granted the Tea Party members of the GOP, so Tonya had no one in the room who probably understood such motivations.

Geri Davis

Neither man is from the 63rd District which Jack Franks has represented for over 13 years.

From Franks’ district were

  • Republican Party Executive Director Geri Davis, also a Precinct Committeeman held by a Davis since Tom Davis’ widow, Boots Davis, activated by the Goldwater campaign in 1964, ran unopposed in 1966 when then-GOP Chairman Chuck Miller retired and
  • McHenry County Auditor Pam Palmer, who lives in Coral Township (Union, Illinois, address).

Pam Palmer

Various people have told me that Palmer was acting in the capacity of head of the little townships (those with “under ten” precincts.)  Those townships which have fewer than ten precincts are those in County Board District 6, plus, inexplicably, Richmond and Burton Townships, which are in District 4, most of which is located in McHenry Township.

Of the Precinct Committeemen I have contacted, none received notice of a meeting to organize the “under ten” counterpart to the big townships.

Someone not from the area told me the meeting had been held the night the Central Committee was organized, but, if so, a number of committeemen in the room knew nothing of it.

But, back to the interviewing meeting.

While the committee’s negative recommendation may put the kabash on Tonya Franklin’s offer to run against Jack Franks, had they recommended she run, they would have not have had the authority to nominate her.

At least as I read the state law for filling vacancies for state representative ballot slots.


The McHenry County Committee Who Interviewed Tonya Franklin for State Rep. Vacancy against Jack Franks — 19 Comments

  1. Mark, Fred, Geri Thugs of Mike Tryon.

    Mark Knows Nothing! remember he was also involved the in Dem Party in Chicago wonder why Jack Franks is going to get a pass?

    Fred poor man he is getting involved of something he also knows nothing about.

    Geri remember she gets paid lots of money from Mike Tryon and McHenry County Republicans.

    Pam who is she?

    They all thugs of do nothing Tryon.

    Why did Smith step down?

    Great work Cal

  2. Ask Mike Tryon how many times he “Illegally” pays his rent on a Springfield crash pad, out of his campaign funds!

    Yes Mike, we’ve already seen the evidence. But, we’ve given you a pass, so far, Mike.

    Truth is, they did Ms. Franklin a favor. Once she would have caught wind of the stench that is McHenry County corruption, she would have been sickened.

    Fred Wickam is one of the nicest people on earth. Why would he associate himself in such a mess is beyond me.

  3. The deadline to file petitions for an established part candidate is June 4th, as I read the State Board of Elections calendar.

    Petitions cannot be passed, however, until a candidate is nominated by the “Representative Committee.” That consists of three members. One is the County Party Chairman. The other two are from the district in question and must be appointed by the Central Committee.

    This was not accomplished at the organization meeting last month, probably because no on knew how state law had been changed.

  4. It will be difficult to break up the political powerhouses and the incestuous relationships that plague McHenry County boards and townships…..but I am looking forward to the fight.

    Thanks for getting the word out. 😉

  5. I hope that, this week, a nominee will be chosen, for that race.

    If that doesn’t happen, Tryon, Daniel, and Wickham shouldn’t be elected to their current offices, in April 2014.

  6. This is very disappointing but not surprising.

    Fact is, the powers that be in the Republican party do not want a tea party candidate.

    However, the voters are sick and tired of business as usual.

    Time to clean house.

  7. Phil

    Dont forget Geri Davis also.

    She gets paid lots of money!!

  8. Wow, who gets paid?

    I thought they get ” benefits”(CASH) from all the Republican fund raisers.

  9. Ms. Franklin strikes me as someone who wants to be handed the nomination but does not want to work for it.

    In an earlier comment she indicated that she was “too busy with work” to bother to run in the primary.

    If she is so passionate and cares so deeply about working for the people, why not go to the people and seek their support directly?

    Now that a handful of party leadership deem her unready to run, she whines about it.

    What has she done for the community in the past?

    Where is her record of service or commitment?

    What if she finds she’s “too busy with work” to campaign or in the unlikely event she were to win, “too busy” to serve properly in office?

    Is this the best the Tea Party can offer?

    Stop whining Tea Party and start working.

    Or maybe that would take too much effort.

  10. Tonya, good luck.

    I hope you can find a way to run (and win), and at the same time avoid the stench of being a “politician”.

    Gee, you must not be a member of the “good old boys club”.

    Question: how many petition signatures would have been required to run in the primary as a Republican?

    An astronomical number?

    Why would the Republicans rather lose by default than to put up a lesser-known?

    Maybe for the same reason the Dems weren’t interested in talking to me in 2006 about my running against the sheriff. Fear of embarrassment?

    Or fear of lack of control, if she wins.

    No major elected office should be unopposed.

  11. Thank you for your comment Elaine.

    I can address the issues you brought up.

    I do not wish to be handed anything.

    There are legal ways to be appointed to run against Jack Franks.

    I only asked for real consideration.

    By the way, I wouldn’t have volunteered to run on my own.

    I was asked by many to run against Franks.

    Asking to be appointed through legal methods so I can begin to collect signatures like all other candidates in a matter of a week, I don’t see how that could be construed as wanting to be handed the nomination.

    Again thank you for your comment.

    If you would like to see or hear about my accomplishments…I would be happy to share them with you.

    I would venture to say that I doubt you are truly interested in my accomplishments or anything else about me.

    The Tea Party and other moms like me are awakened to the antics of a few who say they are inclusive and then their actions speak louder.

    Time to clean up McHenry County.

  12. I had the pleasure of meeting and talking with Tonya for the first time at the county fair this weekend and I think she’s just what this county needs.

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