Gaffney Campaign Manager Found to be Posting Comment on McHenry County Blog, Volunteering for McSweeney Campaign on State Time

My heavens.

Who would have thought that typing in a comment on McHenry County Blog would end up in a suspension?

Well, it was a bit more than that.

State Rep. Kent Gaffney’s campaign manager Nick McNeeley also volunteered for opponent David McSweeney’s campaign while on the state payroll.

That’s what a letter after the report from House Minority Leader Tom Cross, who initiated the probe, to Legislative Inspector General (and former State Rep.) Tom Homer says, as you can see below:

Commenting on McHenry County Blog and volunteering for opponent Dave McSweeney's campaign on state time was found to be a "No-no" for Kent Gaffney's campaign manager Nicholas McNeeley. The letter is dated March 8, before the primary election.

I found out from Mike Riopel post on the Daily Herald. The DH found the information from David Ormsby in this article on the Illinois Observer.

McNeeley’s punishment?

Five days suspension (April 2-6) and six months’ probation, plus conversion of all sick time from September 1 through November 15, 21011, into vacation time.  And reassignment from his position in Research and Appropriations staff “to another position.”

Read the report for yourself below:

And here is Tom Cross’ response, dated March 8, 2012:

One might note that today is almost two months after the election.


Gaffney Campaign Manager Found to be Posting Comment on McHenry County Blog, Volunteering for McSweeney Campaign on State Time — 3 Comments

  1. Give me a break!

    I was never a Gaffney supporter, but c’mon, this is a JOKE.

    The fact that Tom Cross and the “Inspector General” spent more than 2 seconds on this issues is FAR MORE OFFENSIVE TO THE TAXPAYER than whether some state employee spent time adding a comment to a political blog about an upcoming tight primary race.

    Do people wonder why our Government is going broke?

    Just quickly scan the actual length of these letters.

    This is the House Minority Leader spending his time on this and the “Inspector General” making a big deal over ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

    The private sector would weed out this waste in no time, and Cross and Homer would be the ones without a job.

    It’s a shame it’s not the private sector.

  2. Hey skeptic, this whole issue was in response to an ethics charge in the heat of a campaign.

    Remember who made that charge?

    Homer has no choice but to run an investigation and Cross has no choice but to answer to the Inspector General.

    And yes is it was a silly and baseless charge to begin with.

  3. Looks like McNeely ended up getting schooled himself by Veeneman.

    Golfing while on paid sick leave?

    He should be fired for that alone.

    Doesn’t like circulating petitions?

    This guy is a real campaign master operative.

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