Algonquin Township Board Appoints Russell Cardelli as Township Trustee

The Algonquin Township Board last summer.

Word from the Algonquin Township meeting is that Russell Cardelli of Algonquin was named to replace Joe Powalowski, who resigned.

Russell Cardelli

I interviewed Cardelli about the interviewing process.

“I was a little surprised.

“It seemed one of the other guys had been a trustee (Chuck Lutzow) and was a little better qualified.

Referring to Tom McDermott, Vice Chairman of the Algonquin Township Republican Central Committee, Cardelli said, “I just assumed someone like that would get the position.”

Asked what Township Trustees do, Cardelli said townships maintain the roads, they try to save the taxpayers money, they re-cycle old wood chips and give them away, among other things.

Cardelli has been a carpenter-contractor for thirty-five years in Algonquin, Lake in the Hills and Crystal Lake, and more recently “all over place.”

The five candidates not selected were

  • Robert Abraham, Lake In The Hills
  • Charles A. Lutzow, Crystal Lake
  • Thomas P. McDermott, Crystal Lake
  • Catherine Nash, Algonquin
  • Bob Simpson from Crystal Lake


Algonquin Township Board Appoints Russell Cardelli as Township Trustee — 2 Comments

  1. I assumed that Robert Abraham would have gotten the appointment … from what I understand, the most qualified, energetic, and willing to work for the township, and had a lot of new fresh ideas to improve the township.

    What a shame.

  2. I think Mr. Abraham just needs a few more years of experience and he can be a powerhouse.

    Rome was not built in a day.

    Mr. Cardelli has the business and practical experience for a lot of the issues that the township deals with.

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