Grafton Township Trustees Appeal Their Circuit Court Losses

That’s what this press release from Grafton Township Supervisor Linda Moore says:

Township Trustees to File 3rd Appeal

Township Trustees Gerry McMahon, Rob LaPorta, Betty Zirk, and Barbara Murphy voted at last week’s regular board meeting to take a third trip to the Appellate Court.

In 2009 they appealed the Ziller v. Rossi case injunction against building a new town hall and lost.

In 2011 they appealed a court order to appoint the township attorney and won.

Now, they are appealing the permanent injunction put in place last week by Judge Caldwell in the Moore v. Grafton Township court case.

The case was filed by the supervisor after the trustees illegally

  • changed the locks on her office,
  • prevented her from fulfilling her statutory duties and without authority,
  • hired Village of Huntley Trustee Pam Fender to do the work of the township supervisor.

Caldwell also enjoined Attorney Krafthefer of Ancel-Glink from acting as the Township Attorney.

Grafton Township Supervisor Linda Moore and Trustees Rob LaPorte, Barb Murphy, Betty Zirk and Gerry McMahon.

At the April 12, 2012 board meeting the trustees again refused to pay the bills from

  • the township auditors, the CPA who prepares IRS filings
  • a financial consultant
  • a printing company
  • the Huntley Police

Supervisor Moore said, “Because the money is in the budget and the bills are proper, it is their duty to pay these vendors.

“They cannot afford to waste the taxpayers’ money on more lawsuits so that these bills get paid.”


Grafton Township Trustees Appeal Their Circuit Court Losses — 11 Comments

  1. The beginning of Chapter 27 on “How NOT to run a Township”! Thanks for blowing more of our tax dollars and the help in raising our property taxes by 14% idiots!

  2. Finally you people can see who is really wasting the taxpayers money.

    They will not do as told even by a judge.

    No way do they want Linda Moore to look good.

    Perhaps a short stay in a 4X 6 room in Woodstock would help them do the right thing.

  3. Hey Cal, you going to follow up on the lack of transparency in Grafton Township?

    Seems Linda is refusing to fulfill a FOIA request to supply the bank statements to a taxpayer.

    Since you are so familiar with FOIA’s, mayby you can look into it.

  4. Who could look at those “Trustees” and NOT believe in Evolution?

  5. The trustees are budgeting $150,000 for lawyers to appeal their losses.

    They have already burned up the money they took from the illegal sale of the township offices.

  6. What part of “the people do NOT want a new town hall” don’t these people understand?

    Those 4 trustees should be given the boot … and fast, before they waste MORE taxpayer money.

    Of course Ancil Glink is there raking it in dolling out their bad advise as usual.

    Krafthefer going to get a new Mercedes out of this deal?

  7. So only Linda’s bills are legitimate?

    Too bad it took a court order for Forensicon to get paid.


    It wasn’t a Linda bill.

    Linda also has told the auditor to not speak with anyone except her about the audit results.

    If I was prevented from asking questions about any audit, I wouldn’t pay the bill either.

    She knows she’s dead wrong, but continues to manipulate the facts to suit herself.

    Liar, liar, pants on fire, Linda.

  8. Hey, Linda Supporters….

    Who filed the FIRST lawsuit? YOU GUYS DID!

    And didn’t I recently read that she just filed another lawsuit against the board???

    For someone who’s supposedly is so concerned with taxpayers money she sure didn’t blink an eye when spending close to $20k for the special and annual township meetings.

    Why isn’t Linda supplying ALL the information for the FOIA request?? Didn’t she run on transparency??

    Why aren’t you writing about that, Cal?

    If John Rossi was late and omitted information from your FOIA request you’ve been on this blog the first chance you got.

    Cal, you have no honor.

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