The Fifth Day of Crystal Lake City Salaries

A new state law requires municipalities to post salaries for employees earning more than $70,000 a year.

The City of Crystal Lake has posted on its web site such job titles and salaries.

What you see in the fifth page of the report running from Public Works Maintenance Worker to Records Supervisor.

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More tomorrow.


The Fifth Day of Crystal Lake City Salaries — 1 Comment

  1. Between vacation and sick days most get 6 weeks (30 days).

    Can sick days be carried forward or are they use it or lose it.

    Just about everyone makes over $60K.

    $17K worth of life/health/dental insurance seems pretty generous, and I wonder what their co-pays and deductibles are.

    What are their annual salary increases for the last decade.

    What union and pension plan are they in.

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