16 Days for McHenry County Republicans to Put Someone on the Ballot against State Rep. “Chainsaw Jack” Franks

The McHenry County Republican Party bylaws say that there was supposed to be a meeting of the Central Committee last Thursday, the third Thursday of the month.

Mark Daniel

Earlier this week I emailed newly-elected Vice Chairman Mark Daniel and asked him when the notices would go out for that May meeting.

The reply?

“May has been cancelled.

“Will have one in June.”

Tonya Franklin

Of course, the deadline for presenting a party nomination and 500 “good” petition signatures in June 4th.

I also asked Daniel, one of the four Precinct Committeemen who interviewed Tonya Franklin, the Tea Party-inspired candidate volunteer,

“Got a candidate yet?”

I have yet to received a reply.

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16 Days for McHenry County Republicans to Put Someone on the Ballot against State Rep. “Chainsaw Jack” Franks — 8 Comments

  1. The fact that a bunch of entrenched party demagogues can control the voting block in ludicrous.

    Things will never change in McHenry CO because people vote for the person they are TOLD TO vote for.

    Voters are a bunch of sheep.

    This is the same as Cook County but in there the person has a “D” behind their name.

    The GOP only wants someone THEY can control.

    Secondly most the local GOP are not really conservative.

    They align with the GOP here only because McHenry Co is a predominantly Republican county.

    Some of the County Board are as far left as Rahm Emanuel but know where the voting block is.

    If someone wants to run, then they should not need the blessing of a bunch of self styled hypocrites.

  2. The facts are that Tryon is a unfit leader of McHenry County. The McHenry County rules require him to hold a monthly meeting; to my knowledge he has NEVER held one.

    His actions place McHenry County Republican Party in legal trouble.

    There is an active effort to flip the Illinois House.

    Imagine 6 seats and Madigan is gone!

    Franks 63rd House seat can be won by Republicans.

    Taxpayers in Illinois want Madigan OUT!

    Why is Tryon and his flunkies Fred Wickman, Geri Davis, Mark Daniel, and Pam Palmer making deals secretly behind LOCKED doors.

    What EXACTLY did they bargain away as they violated Illinois Statues, and State Party and McHenry County Party rules?

    Trust me, we won’t stop until we find out, no matter how long it takes.

    I am willing to bet our investigators find out and we will make it known.

    McHenry County rules and Illinois Statute REQUIRE Tyson to act by forming a “Representative Committee”.

    He has NOT alerted those who have the right to vote on this 63rd District seat that they have the right to vote.

    Instead he assigned it to an unlawful committee that met behind locked doors and then later claimed in writing and in voice messages that they were not a committee.

    So then, what committee made the decision?

    The law requires a committee be formed.

    Why is Tryon and his flunkies Fred Wickman, Geri Davis, Mark Daniel, and Pam Palmer depriving the rightful party members their voice?

    Let’s investigate what makes a man like Fred Wickman agree to meet behind locked doors to suppress the rights of McHenry County voters.

    Who knows what the civil liability is.

    Will it take Republicans going to court against so-called Republicans to get the clowns in charge of the McHenry County Republican party to act according to Illinois law and Party rules?

    How many days are left?

  3. Justin – you surface.

    Nothing to say since I had to educate on about computers in cop cars??

    This comment is a little odd since you like to defend Nygren, one of the worst of those getting the “sheep” votes.

  4. Mike Tryon where is he?

    What a disappointment.

    What is he thinking not appointing Ms. Franklin?

    The only one that has come forward to challenge Chainsaw Jack.

  5. I think it’s rather simple to explain this.

    Tonya Franklin wishes to run against Jack Franks.


    Because she is a principled conservative and Jack Franks is a liberal democrat pretending to be a “moderate”.

    She can’t stomach his phony grandstanding, so she wants to correct this wrong.

    She didn’t file for the Primary because she’s a hard working mom and she’s not a politician.

    No Republican runs in the Primary and she is then recruited by other conservative women to run against Franks knowing Tonya Franklin is passionate and vocal about her conservative views.

    Ms. Franklin is committed, conservative, and motivated.

    She can get support from Tea Party members, the Pro-Life movement, the Second Amendment Supporters, and fiscal Conservatives.

    he can raise money herself.

    She needs minimal actual support from local Republicans.

    She has everything but tons of money and political experience.

    Her entrance into the race would be a headache for Franks and the Democrats.

    Money would have to be spent and in order to counter Franklin’s passionate conservative positions, Franks would have to commit on the campaign trail on certain key conservative issues….something he desperately wants to avoid as he’s thus far been able to fool some Republicans into thinking he’s not a liberal.

    So, Tonya Franklin goes to the Republican Party.

    One would think that if the Republican Party doesn’t have another candidate with more money or experience, Franklin would be welcomed with open arms.


    A passionate conservative who is smart, articulate, motivated, and has the support from grass roots conservatives.

    The Party has a woman who is going to do their work for them!

    It’s a win win…..right?

    But, the Party has thus far decided NOT to support her.

    This is inconceivable.

    Franklin is offering her work, dedication, passion for the Party knowing full well she is highly likely to lose.

    Just contesting the Democrats and upsetting their political plans would be a benefit that even Franklin, who has the most to lose, and she is willing to accept this risk for the benefit of the conservative movement and the Republican Party.

    Franklin is a modern day hero.

    The Republican Party response to her?

    One person, responding to this blog on this issue, articulated the Party’s position succinctly: “The Party doesn’t want to gamble with its reputation.”

    Give me a break.

    The political parties are Cesspools; necessary for the process yes, but their “reputations” are well below red light districts.

    Franklin is stepping up.

    It’s time for the Republican Party to do the same.

  6. The problem is that the committeeman do not know her.

    That is a problem for several reasons.

    If Jack Franks was completely unknown and had never rum for office or been involved in politics and he volunteered to run for this position, he would probably be able to convince almost anybody that he was a tea party conservative and that he would be perfect for the job(that is what he does when he goes campaigning).

    So how do we know that Ms. Franklin is even worse. ( I am not suggesting that she is, only that it is a possibility)

    I’d she is unknown it makes it harder to gather volunteers for the campaign.

    If she is already well known by the committeeman she has a built in army of motivated volunteers.

    Tgiae volunteers are also more likely to know more about the candidates views which can be extremely helpful while talking to potential voters.

    With that being said, I think it is important that we do find a candidate that has been involved and who is known by those which are involved and get their name on the ballot.

  7. Wondering why they don’t know me…..where were the Republicans at every event I have attended?

    I was questioning their absence/attendance at very important events over the last 4 years. J

    Jack Franks who is supposedly so moderate and almost (lol) a Conservative, has never attended an event that I have.


    I thought maybe they were in hiding with the runaway Democrats from Wisconsin.

    I forgot to check the Clock Tower.

    The Republicans haven’t represented us properly.

    We don’t pay them to sit at home.

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