Message of the Day – A Sign — 3 Comments

  1. Notice whom the sign is from.

    SEIU Healthcare – United for Quality Care.

    Really what the sign say is “Taxpayers keep the funding coming to protect our union dues.

    More taxes to pay for our members pay, benefits, and pensions.

    Even though your social security will be decreased in the not so distant future.”

  2. A Government large enough to give you everything you want is a Government large enough to take away from you everything you have.

    Too bad our liberal friends never learn this lesson.

    In a land that is free, one has to be brave. That’s why these are the last two lines of our Nationa Anthem.

  3. I find the sign funny, because being fiscally responsible and cutting spending that exceeds our nation’s ability to pay IS standing up for our children and seniors.

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