Moore Seeks Indirect Criminal Contempt Charges Against Grafton Township Trustees as Husband’s Tiff with Trustee Gerry McMahon Goes to Trial

Today Grafton Supervisor Linda Moore’s husband David Moore is in criminal court on October, 2010, battery charges.

Trustee Gerry McMahon points at David Moore while he is taping the meeting.

Concurrently, Moore’s attorney John Nelson in the Separation of Powers case she won is asking for indirect criminal contempt findings against Trustees Rob LaPorta, Betty Zirk, Barb Murphy and Gerry McMahon.

Up to six months behind bars or a fine is requested, the paperwork says.

Here’s the part of Judge Michael Caldwell’s court order which Moore contends that the Trustees violated:

The issue is about the use of a Township credit card that was in existence prior to Moore’s taking office.

The Township Trustees voted not to pay bills incurred through use of the credit card and to cancel the card.

Also bought up was the Trustees’ voting for Moore to return a sound system bought for use at the Annual Town Meeting and at bi-monthly bingo games.

Read the text comparing Moore’s actions to the $53 million embezzlement in Dixon, Illinois:

“Deliberately and willfully violating the terms of this Court’s injunction” are the “red meat” words on the page.


Moore Seeks Indirect Criminal Contempt Charges Against Grafton Township Trustees as Husband’s Tiff with Trustee Gerry McMahon Goes to Trial — 13 Comments

  1. Cal, excellent deflection this is. Blogging about Mr. Linda’s criminal case, then deflecting the blog to the trustees.

    Bravo Cal!

    Your bias never ceases to amaze.

    Now how about blogging about the REASON the trustees voted to pull Linda’s township credit card.


    Why did Linda feel the need to spend $1,000.00 on the taxpayer’s money on a sound system?

    Sound systems and attorney’s fees will be Linda’s legacy.

    If all of Linda’s Grafton legal turmoil is because of the trustees, what is the cause of all of the legal turmoil in Linda’s personal life?

    Look for the common denominator folks!

    A quick search of the McHenry County Clerk’s website shows Linda at the courthouse dealing with “family matters” more than she is in the courthouse dealing with Grafton matters.

    What’s up with that?

    Look for the common denominator!

  2. Feel free to add any details about the credit card dispute you wish.

  3. Enough with the lawsuits already!

    Linda was elected to save us from wasting money on a new township building, now we are wasting money on something else instead.

    When does this madness end?!

  4. It doesn’t end until Linda is out of office.

    Last week, Linda sent out a press release accusing the trustees of wasting taxpayer’s money on more lawsuits. A quote from Cal’s coverage of this press release:

    “They cannot afford to waste the taxpayers’ money on more lawsuits so that these bills get paid.”

    Now, she turns around and starts ANOTHER lawsuit?!?!

  5. About
    Cal Skinner
    Industry: Government
    Occupation: Tax Fighter

    Cal Skinner says:
    05/21/2012 at 12:55 pm
    “Feel free to add any details about the credit card dispute you wish.”

    That’s funny Cal. I thought you would blog about ALL forms of wasted tax dollars and the methods used to stop that waste. Your self proclaimed “tax fighter” moniker is questionable. Linda in court yet again? Is it business, personal or all of the above? And the common denominator is . . .

  6. Is this the same credit card that the assessor discovered fraudulent charges on?

  7. Or is that credit card the one that’s supposed to be specifically for GA instances?

    Sounds like someone is maxing out township credit cards in an effort to hide charges from scrutinizing eyes, whether that’s trustees or taxpayers who are not friends of Linda Moore.

    I hope Linda is comforted by her fruit basket buddy network of people who choose to ignore the obvious so that can stay remain part of her rich, power-broker network.

    Machine politics ain’t dead yet.

  8. Where is the blog post about the outcome of today’s trial of David Moore for assaulting the elderly trustee after the township meeting?

    Slap on the wrist or continuance?

    Will Linda pay Dave’s fines, restitution and court costs with the Grafton Township General Assistance credit card?

  9. taxslayer, perhaps you need to get facts before posting your stupdity.

    The mouth is not elderly.

  10. >> “…posting your stupdity.”

    Touche, Mr Seedorf – Mr Pot, meet Mr Kettle!

    After all these months, “new” video evidence was presented by Mr Nelson on behalf of Mr Moore.

    Two week continuance was granted.

    How long has this been dragged out?

    No wonder the courts are overloaded.

    Continuance after continuance after continuance.

    That lawyer meter just keeps dinging, doesn’t it?

    Meh, just charge it!

  11. Elderly does not mean that the trustee cannot be aggressive or disruptive or wrong so stop already with trying to paint any or all trustees or audience members as saints.

  12. As to how long it took to present certain evidence

    Maybe there is just so much to present it took awhile to compile it

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