NATO Demonstration Photos You Didn’t See on the Mainstream Media — 7 Comments

  1. This is why the Republican Party should never, under any circumstances, count on traditional media to report anything of substance (unless they are forced to do so (kicking and screaming)).

    These pictures, and some of the videos you can find on youtube are very revealing about what the left is doing and what you will never see on 2, 5 or 7.

    Andrew Gasser

  2. Andrew…what the left is doing? Talk radio is dominated by the right, FOX News leads in the ratings. The left has nothing on the right.

  3. LCTruth; that’s probably because anything that the left has, radio and tv wise, no one listens to or watches.

    Ratings and viewers run radio and tv shows.

  4. That is one “edumacated” protester!

    She must have received a “union” education because all the money goes to the kids.

  5. If communist sympathizers do not like it here, they are free to move to a communist country.

    Instead they want to ruin things in one of the best places on earth?


    Oops, my answers are too blunt, so fill in your own responses.

  6. Here is what the left/democrats have and have had for 45 years: abc, nbc, cbs, wgn, npr, alot of radio, hollywood, newpapers, magazines, college campuses, high school campuses, and even junior high campuses.

    They dominate all the high profile, high influence segments of our society where they are able to indoctrinate alot of people and cause alot of harm. But that’s okay they can ride in on their white horses 10, 20, 30 years from now to say they can fix the problems they created.

    They are able to manipulate and control what a person thinks and does.

    Talk radio and Fox is just starting in comparison to what the left has been doing for a long time, countering the propaganda from the left

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