13 Days Until “Chainsaw Jack” Franks Can Schedule a First Week of November Vacation

Mike Tryon

I guess McHenry County Republican County Chairman Mike Tryon could still decide to call a special meeting of his GOP Central Committee to allow the 63rd District Precinct Committeemen to select the two additional and needed members of a 63rd State Representative Committee.

That committee would be automatically authorized to select a candidate to run against Democrat “Chainsaw Jack” Franks this fall, but I’m not holding my breath if it wanted to do so.

Even though we have a Tea Party volunteer named Tonya Franklin chomping at the bit to charge toward November.

But she won’t get the opportunity unless Mike Tryon wants her in the race.

You’d think that party leaders would want to fill every spot on the ballot.

Not to do so indicates deficiencies in a party organization, I’d think.

I know I have been talking to Tryon since last July’s Play Day about our not repeating the 2006 and 2008 election cycles’ mistakes, that is, having no one on the ballot against Franks.

I even came up with two potential candidates.

Tonya Franklin

Both decided against running, but then appears Tonya Franklin, inspired by the Tea Party movement.

McHenry County Republicans seem profoundly uncomfortable with Tea Party types.

Joe Wash wasn’t even scheduled to address the annual Lincoln Day Dinner the spring after he pulled off the upset of the year against Melissa Bean.

I guess I should satisfied that Walsh was allowed to talk after the featured speaker, newly-elected U.S. Senator Mark Kirk.

But, considering Walsh is the first person to serve in Congress who lived in McHenry County, even though he wasn’t a native or even live here when he was elected, maybe attendees were lucky to have him as an “add on.”

At least Tonya Franklin has lived in McHenry County for three years.

But, she’s not, oh my, a Republican Precinct Committeeman.

Willing to become one, but certainly would never pass for “Establishment.”

I continue to wonder why McHenry County Republican leaders would want to leave the ballot blank, thus allowing Jack Franks to take an extensive October-November vacation.

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13 Days Until “Chainsaw Jack” Franks Can Schedule a First Week of November Vacation — 6 Comments

  1. We need a candidate to run against Jack Franks.

    The GOP inMchenry is not offering any solutions.

    Thanks to Cal and other concerned Mchenry County citizens they found a candidate, Tonya Franklin, that is willing to run.

    Time is wasting, we need a decision.

    Stop stalling and let her run!

  2. Gosh forbid she should run or “worse” yet maybe even win!

    She is not an insider and power to choose and elect would be in the hands of GASP The PEOPLE!

    Who is this position being held for?

    Who is being groomed for the position?

    Did this woman who is being ignored not rubber stamp something?

    Uh oh, I think I smell Chicago Politics in the county.

    Maybe she isn’t a RINO?

  3. A month ago they came by and marked trees to cut and had me sign a paper.

    Today they came and hacked up trees.

    Marked ones to be down to stumps were trimmed.

    Trees as 2 cherry trees not marked were slashed up.

    They lied and when I asked they said they were not told.

  4. Chainsaw Jack and his SCORCHED EARTH HB 3884 will give ComEd exclusive rights over private property to remove all vegetation..

    This means you pay taxes on YOUR property ComEd controls.

    You can NEVER take legal action against ComEd.

    You can never stop ComEd in any way

    ComEd LIES, as Alan stated above.

    You can’t trust Jack Franks or ComEd.

  5. Cal,
    For the record, Joe Walsh lived in his current McHenry home since the early summer of 2010. He lived in Lake County when he was nominated but was indeed a McHenry County resident on the day he was elected a US Congressman.

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