12 Days Before McHenry County Republicans Help “Chainsaw Jack” Franks Build a Better Fiefdom

Jack Franks

In the Chicago Tribune story about the Illinois House voting again to abolish legislative scholarships, Democratic Party State Rep. Jack Franks states,

“We’re not here to create fiefdoms.”

There’s even a photo of a smiling Franks leaning on the rail behind which reporters sit.

If helping Jack Franks create a better fiefdom is not part of the goal of the McHenry County Republican Party’s running no one against the 7-term veteran, it certainly will have that effect.

No one will be out there organizing Republican and Independent voters who most certainly would not approve of his voting for all sorts of bills, e.g.,

  • allowing Com Ed to cut down any tree within 20 feet of an electric wire
  • forcing purchasers of Drano to provide identification and sign a registry
  • civil unions
  • allowing Com Ed to raise electric rates, which will show up big time in October

There are, of course, more, but a successful campaign only needs 3-4 good issues.

But unless McHenry County Republican County Chairman Mike Tryon takes the initiative to do what apparently was forgotten at the Central Committee’s organization meeting last month, that is, appointing two people from the 63rd State Rep. District to a Representative Committee, no one can be nominated to face off against Baron Franks and the fiefdom he has created.

What perhaps party leaders, most of whom don’t live in Franks’ district, may not know is that Franks tried three years ago to take over a number of the smaller township governments. In a couple he made headway.

Franks even paid for and put his name on a campaign piece in Greenwood Township.

His law firm had something personal at stake.

Tonya Franklin

When Franks’ candidate lost, the new Greenwood Township Supervisor selected another law firm to play the role of Township Attorney.

Now, out of the woodwork, Tonya Franklin, a relatively new resident of McHenry County, has popped up with as much energy as Jack Franks had during his first quest for state representative way back in 1997.

Four years ago she campaigned as much or more than any resident of McHenry County for the McCain-Palin ticket.

It just wasn’t here.

It was in Florida.

Thirty days at the end of the campaign at her own expense.

That’s enough to pass the “loyal Republican” test for me, but others think she should have been a precinct committeeman in McHenry County. (She is willing to be appointed to one of the many too many vacancies.)

If Tryon calls a meeting and the resulting two 63rd District Representative Committee members and he decide to nominate Tonya Franklin to run as the GOP candidate, she and her supporters will still have to gather 500 “good” signatures by June 4th.

That would not be an easy task.

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12 Days Before McHenry County Republicans Help “Chainsaw Jack” Franks Build a Better Fiefdom — 3 Comments

  1. Cal,

    Please note as per “Chainsaw Jack” House Bill HB 3884 states “VEGETATION REMOVAL”.

    NOT just trees, includes ANYTHING green.

    Giving this authority to ComEd to define “VEGETATION” is awarding them a SCORCHED EARTH POLICY.

    Everything will be removed, including grass blades.

  2. I don’t live in the district.

    And besides Tonya Franklin is ready to run.

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