Attorneys Get Final Shots at Zane Seipler in Keith Nygren Motion to Dismiss Wrongful Terminiation Suit

James Sotos

In a fight to determine whether Deputy Sheriff Zane Seipler’s case will be dismissed because of the release of secret court documents by his wife on a blog, Seipler’s attorney Blake Horwitz and Sheriff Keith Nygren’s Attorney James Sotos faced off Wednesday.

Seipler was the only one to take the stand. He did so for about three hours.

It seemed to me that both sides were trying to tie up loose ends.

“If confidential information has been made public, I knew it wasn’t me,” Seipler again testified. “They are the ones who had the history of releasing confidential information.”

Sotos seemed to be laying groundwork for a “gotcha” moment, perhaps when Seipler’s wife Rose finally (after sitting outside missing work for three days) takes the stand. He did his best to create a timeline of when Seipler finally knew that the blog came from his computer.

He wanted to know how long the argument lasted after Seipler found out about his wife’s posting.

“All night. From 8 to 1 in the night.”

Later, Seipler said, “The argument is going on to this day.”

Blake Horwitz

Horwitz took pains to show that his client knew nothing of the posting of Sheriff’s Department disciplinary documents that ended up on a blog that his wife wrote.

“I told her not to even comment on the internet,” he said.

But, he added, “She does what she does. She told me she wouldn’t. That’s why I believed she wouldn’t.”

Much was made of Seipler’s not having stepped forward to tell Magistrate Michael Mahoney of the lapse.

And much was made of a Woodstock Police Department domestic abuse report, secret according to state statute, that was posted all over the McHenry County Courthouse just before the 2010 primary election for Sheriff in which Seipler faced off against Nygren.

The report appeared after the Sotos law firm obtained it as part of defending Nygren in the wrongful termination case Seipler filed. Seipler testified that the Woodstock Police Chief said that the Sotos firm was the only entity that obtained the report.

The making public of the secret deposition of former Deputy Scott Milliman, fired by Nygren as was Seipler, took a lot of time.

And the list of alleged illegal activities of Sheriff Nygren was again presented to Judge Frederick Kapala.

This is the deposition that ended up being partially reported in the Northwest Herald, as was pointed out by Seipler, and given to one of the people mentioned in the deposition as having engaged in illegal acts. (For the second court hearing, Milliman was sitting outside awaiting his turn to be a witness.)

Judge Kapala can hardly have missed the point that Horwitz seemed trying to make, that is, the Sheriff’s disciplinary reports were far from the only documents that had been improperly released.

Seipler’s respect for the Sotos law firm was evident in his reply as to why he thought his wife would need an attorney after he found out that she had posted the documents:

Seipler: “Because she was going to have to answer to you…for posting the documents.”

Sotos: “What kind of a lawyer?”

Seipler: “Someone who could stand up to Jim Sotos and Associates. I wasn’t going to let her go in there without protection…

“The Sotos law firm will do whatever it has to to protect the Sheriff’s Department.”

At that point Seipler made reference to the deposition leaked to the Northwest Herald and the domestic violence police report:

“I believed that everybody was subject to the protective order.”

He later compared the internal disciplinary reports that his wife made public to the Scott Milliman allegations made public by Nygren’s Sheriff’s Office:

“The documents reflected cops behaving badly versus cops who could spend the rest of their life in jail.”

Scott Milliman

Asked about Milliman’s reliability, Seipler told of his being an officer with one of the highest records of arrest.

“He was a good cop. All the supervisors said that.”

As to his credibility, Seipler reported that Milliman had told him Nygren “thought of him as a son.”

Concerning the alleged criminal activity mentioned in his deposition, Seipler said,

“He was there when it was happening. He said he went to the FBI. He could get in big trouble.”

Horwitz asked if the information revealed was “potentially incriminating.”

“Right. Yes. The only ones who do that are ones who are coming clean.”

Horwitz brought up Dave Bachmann’s having revealed that Sheriff Nygren had two Homestead Exemptions and how after than Sheriff Nygren had called Milliman and said he wanted…

At which point Judge Kapala interrupted saying in a questioning voice, “Dave Bachmann is the one that Sheriff Nygren told Scott Milliman to kill.”

Getting an affirmative nod or facial expression, the Judge continued, “That’s all I need to know about that.”

This was one of several times the Judge indicated that he thought that more questions were being asked than was necessary to make the point being made.

At one point, he said, “This hearing’s going to take years if we’re going to go into that.”

Why did Seipler think his wife needed an attorney after learning of her posting of the disciplinary reports?

“It (the publishing of the protected documents) did not feel right. [It felt like] she was doing something wrong. I was concerned there was some kind of a breach of the court order.

“I was not comfortable with her just running out and saying, ‘I did it.'”

Rose Seipler did not hire an attorney immediately. Testimony was elicited that indicated financial problems were part, if not most, of the reason.

Zane Seipler when he was sporting facial hair.

“We’re always late with our mortgage.”

By this time Seipler had won his arbitration case to go back to work at the Sheriff’s Department, but Nygren kept appealing until turned down by the Illinois Supreme Court, depriving the family of two incomes.

The relationship between Sheriff Nygren and Seipler was explored.

“Did you feel like the Sheriff was out to get you?” Horwitz asked.

“Yes,” was the terse answer.

Seipler again recounted Nygren’s having told him to “get good insurance” in the lobby of the Northwest Herald building before the joint editorial board appearance.

Discussing Milliman’s fall 2010 deposition in Seipler’s case, Horwitz asked, “What effect did that have [on you]?”

“What he said in the deposition scared me. We’re scared of the same people, including Sheriff Nygren.”

The phrase “squash you like a grape” came up.

“I don’t want to be squeezed like a grape.

“This is a very serious thing going on here.”

Seipler testified that he was scared after Scott Milliman’s brother “was shot dead.”

Horwitz sought the reason Seipler thought it significant that Scott Milliman’s brother was killed in unincorporated McHenry County.

Chicago Tribune front page story on racial profiling in McHenry County.

“It was convenient,” Seipler said. “The agency that was to be tasked with the murder of Scott Milliman’s brother was the Sheriff’s Department.

He added that the woman in the house “was a CI [confidential informant] or her sister was a CI. I have no verification of either except what I’ve been told by other cops.

“She was there when he bled out,” Seipler said. [The shooting was right down the street from the Woodstock Hospital.]

Seipler also revealed that he took his concerns about the Sheriff’s Department racially profiling those to whom tickets were issued to the

  • State Police
  • FBI
  • Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
  • Department of Human Rights

It was brought up that the Sotos law firm was deeply involved in a Sheriff’s Department study of racial profiling.

“Basically, the Department investigated itself,” Horwitz asserted.

Agreeing, Seipler pointed out that the study came after the Chicago Tribune ran a 2010 front page story on racial profiling in the Sheriff’s Department.

In the courtroom was the Sheriff Department’s new Affirmative Action Officer, Don Leist.


Attorneys Get Final Shots at Zane Seipler in Keith Nygren Motion to Dismiss Wrongful Terminiation Suit — 12 Comments

  1. I was searching for an old friend and former Federal Training partner Dave Bachmann and found this article.

    I lost touch with Dave back in 1999. All I can tell this Sheriff Nygren guy is that if he thinks he is going to back off a guy like Bachmann, he better have a good hiding place.

    I trained with Bachmann down in the swamps of Cantonement, Florida back in 1994 on an old military base. Eglin. (Circumstances are classified)

    He was tops in our class and is a master of deception and counter intelligence.

    Id suggest this Nygren guy rethink his game plan. Bachmann will spin you around and once he gets inside your world, you will forever regret you ever crossed his path.

    From reading all the articles listed on this blog, it appears Dave has gotten inside this Nygren guys head.

    If Bachmann came at you from out of the blue, you can bet he’s got you where he wants you and your time will come.

    He will lock you up when you least see if coming!

    Deputy Seipler seems like a man of integrity and strength. Looks like Bachmann has found a good man to partner with.

    Dave Bachmann saved my brothers life down in Mexico for which my family and I will be forever grateful.

    He is a fearless man who is very calculated and methodical in his approach to taking out his target under covert actions and at law.

    I will back this man and protect his family as he is part of my world of national intelligence and security. Bachmann is a loyal patriot and a fierce advisory!

    After reading all he has been doing against this seemingly corrupt Sheriff my guess is the Sheriff and his do-boys are in for one hell of a surprise at any time.

    Rest assured Bachmann will have a very detailed answer for this Nygren guy inclusive of a succession plan of action.

    Deputy Seipler, have you ever considered a career in government contracted security? I’d very much like to get in contact with you.

    Keep up your mission Deputy, there is always a place on our team for strong men of character such as you have obviously demonstrated.

  2. Let me understand this…a man that ticketed passengers and then got his job back via a union backed arbitrator and posted vile stuff on his website, now hides behind his wife?

    Cal. Your bias is blatant.

  3. Justin, you know full well that is not the case.

    He did not issue ANY falsified tickets.

    Just because Nygren says something happened in a way and puts it on paper does not make it so.

    There were NOT 2 TICKETS.


    Why are you so biased and protective of NYgren??

    Wonder who you work for.

    How many deputies that REALLY DID WHAT YOU ACCUSE Seipler of, and done it many times are still working???


    The 5 judges that ruled in Seipler’s favor are not idiots.

  4. There are still some problems at MCSO that need fixing.

    Example: A deputy MAY or may not have been having an affair with CONFIDENTIAL INFORMANT.

    That same CI is involved with the McHenry City P.D.’s investigations regarding the officer who was stealing from the department, Dale H.

    There are some more juicy details.

  5. Why is it that stories about MCSD always bring out the loonies?

  6. Not loonies, just people that know what is really happening. The rest of you can just keep your head in the sand. That is why THIS COUNTY, STATE AND COUNTRY ARE IN A MESS.

  7. Cal’s report on this case is objective and of great assistance to the general public.

    If what was said in the sworn testimony in federal court has even a remote semblence of truth, this is a grave concern not only for Zane, but the community at large.

    The MCSO office is ripe for investigation.

    Lets see if the sucessor to Nygren has the balls to run a clean ship and investigate the prior kingdom.

    If Nygren was dirty, then there will be a trail that can be followed after he leaves office.

    The new sheriff needs to look to see if the trail is there to be picked up.

  8. FYI, typical deflection. The key point is that no one insinuated the 5 judges hearing your (oops…THE) case were idiots-just that throwing your (oops- Seipler’s) wife under the bus in order to avoid responsibility for posting confidential documents has really torpedoed any semblence of valor and integrity to your (oops- Seipler’s) claims.

    If Seipler really, truly cared about maintaining these documents as confidential, Why were they even at his home in the first place? Why did these docs leave his attorney’s office, especially given the highly sensitive nature and court order? Why not own up to what (he) his wife did right when it happened? Why not get her an attorney, right then and there, to represent her interests?

    It’s really difficult to fight from a vantage of moral superiority when one’s integrity is in question…

  9. Careful, really, you use the same terminology in comments under different names.

    Are you someone that is getting nervous??

    How do you know that she is not an independent woman that did what she thought was necessary to protect her family?

    What was put on the blog was spoken of on many comments. The bad behavior was no secret. Those involved were pretty chatty around town. Only themselves to blame.
    Do you know this all toooo well??

  10. FYI, no need for care-this is the only screen name I use.

    Perhaps you’re reading similar language because a common thread of rationality is a bit too much for you to bear.

    No nerves, just critical thought-you know the kind of deductive, scientific thought that doesn’t blindly accept things that my brain tell me are bunk.

    Independent is great-but you fail to address why these documents were even in the Seipler house to begin with…especially in light of Seipler’s “comments” that he cautioned his wife against doing anything with them.

    Common sense tells me-return them or, more intelligently, why even have them at home in the first place?

    Spoken is one thing-directly publicizing documents in violation of a court order is another.

    This I know well because it makes common sense.

    Bottom line Zane, no one buys this “my staunchly independent wife located these highly sensitive and court mandated confidential documents and elected to post them on my blog to protect my family from political forces that have threatened to kill everyone” garbage.

    Legally-it may never be proven, but it still stinks like week old garbage…

  11. Isn’t this the same guy who admitted to signing a document stating that a passenger in a car was “speeding” in order to cover for his letting the actual driver get away with driving without a license?

    And now we are supposed to believe this fairy tale?

    What a clown.

  12. ….and Dave…um err I mean Securityforceone…check the cabinet I think you will find you’ve missed your medication again…

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