Effort to Put Tonya Franklin on the Ballot against “Chainsaw Jack” Franks Seeks Special McHenry County GOP Central Committee Meeting

Having watched or been a part of the McHenry County Republican Party since 1966, I’ve never seen something like what you see below.

It is an effort by a Republican Precinct Committeeman to get a special meeting of the Central Committee.

The author of the letter won a write-in campaign in Fox River Grove and has been trying to get people on the ballot to run against Democrats throughout the state. She has told me that no where has she met as much resistance as in McHenry County.

In any event, here’s the email that came this morning:


Good Morning,

There has been an effort for several weeks to appoint Republican Tonya Franklin to run against Jack Franks for Illinois 63rd House District.

An ad hoc group of concerned citizens are dedicated to flip 6 Illinois House seats.

This will result in a shift of power in Illinois, reducing the stronghold Democrats have had over Illinois for decades!

This effort is statewide and involves groups who will financially support these candidates.

We have identified the 63rd House District Seat as one of the 6!

When Madigan re-districted the 63rd seat became vulnerable.

According to voter registration rolls, there are approximately

  • 12,200 Democrats and
  • 19,700 Republicans in the new House district.

Tonya Franklin

This is an election year where the Republican base is engaged.

The seat is winnable!

Despite these incredible figures, McHenry County Republican leadership failed to find a candidate to run against Jack Franks. So we did.

A local Conservative named Tonya Franklin (Woodstock) has submitted her application. We alerted Michael Tryon of this several weeks ago. McHenry County bi-laws require Michael Tryon to form a legal committee consisting of 2 committeemen from the 63rd District. These Committeeman are selected from a meeting of the McHenry County Republican Party.

Our McHenry County Republican bi-laws, (attached) and state statute dictate how a candidate is appointed following a Primary election. These specifications require

“if a legislative or representative district comprises only one county, or part of a county, its legislative or representative committee shall consist of the chairman of the county central committee and 2 members of the county central committee who reside in the legislative or representative district, as the case may be, elected by the county central committee.” (10 ILCS 5/8-5) (from Ch. 46, par. 8-5)


Article XVI (McHenry County Rules attached) pg 16

“The County Chairman shall fill any vacancy in the nomination of any elective office with the name of a candidate selected by a Nomination Convention of the Precinct Committeemen of the appropriate election district in which such vacancy occurs, provided, however, there is sufficient time after said Convention to comply with the statutory filing requirements. The Chairman shall call such Convection promptly after he or she becomes aware of such vacancy, by giving written notice to all Precinct Committeemen of such election district. Candidates seeking such nomination may furnish the Convention attendees/delegates with a written resume (statement of candidacy) and may address the assembled Convention.

The Precinct Committeemen shall have one vote for each ballot voted in his or her precinct by the primary electors at the primary at which he was elected.”

Mike Tryon

In addition, Rep Tryon is required to call a monthly meeting of the County Committee the 3rd Thursday of each month.

This meeting should have been held on May 17th.

Sadly, despite multiple appeals, he failed to call this meeting, effectively preventing Committeemen of the 63rd District their legally entitled vote to appoint Tonya to run.

While we do not understand why Chairman Tryon refuses to comply with our bi-laws and state statutes, our passion to change Illinois is not deterred. McHenry County bi-laws also allow 25% of the committeemen to call a special meeting.

Bi-laws provide we must get 25% of the Committeemen to call this meeting of the Central Committee, and we must provide 10 days notice to the Committeemen of the meeting.

There are 130 Committeemen in McHenry County, which means we need 30 Committeemen for the 25%.

“Special meetings of the COMMITTEE may be called by the Chairman, or by not less than 25% of the members of the Committee, by mailing notice in writing to each Precinct Committeemen at least 10 days in advance… Article XI page 14)

To meet the 10 day notice deadline and the petition filing deadline, we must call this meeting today.

You have been identified as one of the essential 30 Committeemen to achieve the 25%.

Many of you have already agreed to call the meeting.

A few of you may be just learning of this action this morning.

To assure we have the 30 voices of our Committeemen, we ask you to reply to this email calling for a meeting on June 2nd.

Once we have the 30, we will send out an email to all 130 McHenry County Committeemen to meet on Saturday, June 2nd.

The June 2nd meeting must be held in the 63rd District, so we will hold it in Woodstock on Saturday morning.

The agenda will only be about Tonya’s application, and the meeting will not be long.

Following the meeting the “Representative Committee” will vote on Tonya’s application.

The filing deadline for Tonya’s petition (filed in Springfield) is June 4th. in Springfield. We have arranged to get 40 voters out to gather signatures on Saturday and Sunday. Each will gather 35 -40 signatures. 500 signatures is the minimum and 1500 the max.

To be one of the 25% you need to be a Committeemen in McHenry County.

Please reply to this email and say:

“I call for a meeting of the McHenry County Republican Central Committee”

or something to that effect.

Even if you are out of town on June 2nd, you can still be one of the 30 Committeemen to call the meeting.

Timing is TODAY. Please help us. As needed I can be reached on my cell 847-778-3495.


Sharon Meroni, Algonquin 45th Precinct Committeemen

= = = = =

If you did not receive a copy of the email and would like to lend your support as a Precinct Committeeman or someone willing to pass the petitions, Meroni’s email is “Sharon Meroni” <sharon@meronigroup.com>


Effort to Put Tonya Franklin on the Ballot against “Chainsaw Jack” Franks Seeks Special McHenry County GOP Central Committee Meeting — 13 Comments

  1. What do you expect from Tryon the RINO?

    The Repubs high ups have been in bed with the Dems ever since I was alter boy at the Last Supper.

  2. I think that a duty of a county republican chairman is recruiting candidates for every possible race, in that county.

    If Rep. Tryon doesn’t help Ms. Franklin, he’s a terrible chairman and should resign, immediately.

    If he refuses to do that, a conservative, who will help the party, should run against him, in April 2014.

    I also hope that a conservative will oppose him, in the March 2014 primary.

  3. The new database will be available through the ITAP, which Franks worked with state Rep. Mike Tryon (R-Crystal Lake) to create in 2009.

    The ITAP currently contains information on state employee pay, state agency expenditures, corporate accountability, professional licenses and state agency contracts.

  4. Last fall I attended the annual Algonquin Township Miller fundraiser.

    The Miller family is very entrenched in McHenry County Republican politics.

    To my surprise Jack Franks was in attendance.

    Why would such a prominent Democrat be financially supporting the Miller’s?

    Why would a Democrat be welcome at a Republican event?

    We Republicans need to clean house.

  5. I would like to have a meeting of the Mchenry County Republican Central Committee. I look forward to this approval of Tonya Franklin to run against Jack Franks.

  6. I have just been appointed to be PC for Nunda 10.

    I agree to having this special meeting to appoint Tonya Franklin to run against Jack Franks, and it’s about time we had a conservative running against Franks.

  7. “Concerned”, you are so right.

    Jack Franks has received more support from the Millers, Keith Nygren, Phyllis Walters, many Republican County Board Members, Pam Althoff…..this list goes on… than he does from his own Democratic Party.

    It is sickening and reflective of the “Political Class” that exists in our country and they are ruining our nation.

    They all love rubbing elbows and being pals, controlling contracts and employment, and then interfering with true conservatives who run on principle.

    Conservatives with principle are the people they fear the most.

    We just have to remember and be active come voting time.

  8. Skeptic is right.

    All politics is local, right?

    Then the place to clean house is right here in McHenry County.

    For a start.


    Out with the old dogs.

    Time for them to retire, permanently.

  9. How do I put this? What’s the point … put the lady on the ballot … she has exactly zero chance of winning (unless some very unlikely, super rare, never heard of thing … happens in the meantime.)

    It’s too bad that gambling on political races is against the law because I would win $10,000, on this one … Whoops no I wouldn’t because there does not exist someone stupid enough to take the bet….

    I think hanging Tryon here on such a non-issue is petty, but apparently this issue is like flypaper for idiots.

  10. I am tempted to take that bet, I would if the cash could be used towards my campaign but by the time you would have to pay up…..;)

    I appreciate all opinions, so thank you and just know that it fuels me. I can take every bit of energy that someone throws my way and use it positively.

    This may not be an important issue of course to you Watching, but important enough that you spent time with us today! So thank you for stopping by and leaving your tracks on the “flypaper” as you put it.

    I bet Cal loves the hits!

  11. Oh boy, are you guys ever going to be sorry you let Sharon Meroni run a successful write in campaign.

    Get ready for full tilt birther histrionics.

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