Patrick Fitzgerald to Retire from U.S. Attorney’s Office

A press release from U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald:


WASHINGTON – Attorney General Eric Holder issued the following statement today on the resignation of U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Illinois Patrick Fitzgerald:

The day Patrick Fitzgerald announced his retirement as U.S. Attorney I drove past two of these billboards with former Governor Rod Blagojevich's photo.

“Throughout his distinguished career as a prosecutor, United States Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald has served the American people and the citizens of Illinois with the utmost integrity and a steadfast commitment to the cause of justice.

“From his early consequential years in New York City confronting the terrorist threat to his strong leadership of the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Northern District of Illinois, Pat has rightly earned a reputation over these last 24 years as a prosecutor’s prosecutor, overseeing significant cases involving public corruption, international terrorism and terrorism financing, corporate fraud, organized crime, and violent crime.

“A hallmark of Pat’s tenure has been his personal commitment to the Department’s mission and his willingness to accept the call of duty – whenever it came and whatever it required.

“In 2003, he was appointed as special counsel in the investigation into the disclosure of the identity of a covert employee of the Central Intelligence Agency that resulted in the indictment of I. Lewis “Scooter” Libby, then chief of staff and national security advisor to the Vice President.

“He also served as lead counsel in the trial, which resulted in Mr. Libby’s conviction on charges of perjury and obstruction of justice.

“In 2010, I appointed Pat as Special Attorney to supervise the investigation that resulted in the pending indictment, in the Eastern District of Virginia, of former CIA officer John Kiriakou for allegedly repeatedly disclosing classified information, including the name of a covert CIA officer and information revealing the role of another CIA employee in classified activities.

“Over the years, he has gained the trust of two presidents and the unwavering confidence of four Attorneys General, and I am deeply grateful to him for his service and his friendship over the years.”


Patrick Fitzgerald to Retire from U.S. Attorney’s Office — 2 Comments

  1. He had the ability to be a top prosecutor … but in the end he was a bit of a douche. Your job is to prosecute, not give color commentary … Hope he likes his job at Sidley Austin (cuz you are never going to be Head of DOJ or any other federal instituion … we already have a Biden.)

  2. Pat Fitzgerald was an asset to the Chicago community.

    Having worked with him and others in his office, I know that whoever follows him will have a difficult task ahead.

    Pat’s counsel over the years has earned his respect within the legal community.

    Look for Dean Polales to be tapped for the role of US Attorney for the Northern District of Illinois.

    Big Dean is bright enough to avoid all of the political pressures and his history is indicative of the type of leader needed in that office.

    However, Big Dean is unlikely to be wooed away from his job at a rather large downtown lawfirm.

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