April 8th Northwest Herald Editor Dan McCaleb Decried Lack of Electoral Competition

Jack Franks

Tonya Franklin

Editor Dan McCaleb was aiming his April 8th comments mainly at McHenry County Democrats, pointing out the minority party locally had until June 4th to fill slots.

For some reason McCaleb didn’t mention the obvious gap on the Republican side of the ballot.

Guess there were too many more vacancies on the Democratic Party side.

State Rep. Jack Franks had and has no opponent.

The argument is the same.

Competition Yields Better Results

Since then Tonya Franklin has stepped forward to challenge Jack Franks.


"McCaleb: Competition yields better results" is the Northwest Herald headline of this April 8, 2012, column.

She is meeting and greeting people in Woodstock. Drop on in.

And come Saturday morning, feel free to come watch the Special Meeting of the Republican Central Committee at d-Andrea’s, which is located at the southeast corner of Routes 14 and 31.


April 8th Northwest Herald Editor Dan McCaleb Decried Lack of Electoral Competition — 8 Comments

  1. I am coming late to the party:

    Why didn’t Tonya just run in the primary?

  2. Are you really not going to post about the Northwest Herald’s story today?

  3. Joe

    Maybe you should ask Tonya Franklin that question.

    Cal has posted the answer many times.

  4. So you can’t find it either Got To Laugh? I’m not trying to be a jerk here- I’m asking a straight forward question. I went through several pages of posts and don’t see an answer. It’s an easy question. Why didn’t Tonya run in the primary?

  5. From a fellow Joe…

    No real or sufficient answer to that question has been provided.

    All that was posted basically said, ‘Oh, I was busy at the time.’

    But in reality, I doubt it was even on her radar back then.

    Remember, she doesn’t even vote consistently [but harps on her commitment to getting others engaged politically].

    This is less about Tonya and more about who is pulling her strings in this last minute fiasco.

    Tonya also said, “I ran because I was asked to. Period.”

    All evidence points towards her just being a shill for those looking to shake up the local party.

    It’s up to you to judge it that’s a sufficient impetus to mount a campaign..

  6. Joe “I am coming late to the party”

    Tonya Franklin is having a meet n greet at Vaughan’s Family Restaurant 790 S. Eastwood Dr. Woodstock, today Thursday 5-9 & Friday 1-9.

    I’m sure she will be delighted to answer any of your questions.

    Please come and meet Tonya…

  7. It is because they changed the boundaries for each district and people aren’t being notified about the changes.

    I was switched out of Jack Franks District and I wasn’t notified till it was to late.

    The county clerks office said it would cost to much to notify everyone that had been changed.

    And at the time there was the lawsuit about the congressional districts so she didn’t know if they were going to be changed back or not.

    That’s politics in McHenry County, people don’t like regular taxpayers running for elite positions.

    We aren’t allowed.

  8. Thanks everyone- that clears it up (I guess).

    I was afraid my comprehension skills were atrophying.

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